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7 Tips for Studying Online
Nandita Kaushal

If you’re wondering how to succeed in online classes, you should begin by being mentally prepared. Sincerely dedicate time to your lessons and ensure that you are consistent in attending classes.

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Why do most data designs fail?
Divya Bolisetty

Big data has become invaluable in driving smart business decisions and strategy-building activities. Through big data, companies have been able to redefine their business by increasing operational efficiency, discovering new market opportunities and regulating risk and compliance. 

  • Big Data
 How did Amazon use big data to conquer the e-commerce space?
Nandita Kaushal

Overwhelmed with options, customers may sometimes feel lost and unable to make effective purchasing decisions. Amazon uses big data to solve this issue by gathering customer information based on their browsing and purchasing history. This helps create a more streamlined process where one can enjoy an individual shopping experience.

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Errors that can ruin your big data analysis
Nandita Kaushal

If you are interested in starting a career in big data, it is useful for you to know about the common big data mistakes that can prove costly for your company. This article helps you become familiar with these mistakes so that you can avoid them in your career.

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