Welcome to Toronto School of Management!

At TSOM, a world of opportunities awaits.

We recognize that our students seek more than education; they seek transformation. They come to us with plans for a future that breaks boundaries and charts new territories. Here, we don’t just broaden horizons — we create the pathways for students to navigate a dynamic, global landscape. With our commitment to innovative, peer-driven education and our robust industry connections, we equip every learner with the tools and perspectives essential for personal and academic success.

We stand as a beacon for those who aspire to not only adapt but also excel in an ever-evolving world, making TSOM a launchpad for global success and lifelong achievement.

Welcome to TSOM! Go beyond.

We Are
Culturally Proficient

Real-world knowledge. Hands-on experience.

We want to transform the way students learn. Through a combination of academic excellence in our range of programs taught by experienced faculty and Canadian work experience with our extensive network of co-op partners, our students will be fully equipped to thrive after they graduate.

A cultural mosaic. Unbeatable location.

At TSOM, discover a supportive community of inclusivity and expand your world view. With our diverse student body and supportive staff and faculty, our campus is a welcoming and respectful space for everyone. Our downtown Toronto campus is conveniently located in front of College Subway Station, a brief walk from Dundas Square/Eaton Centre. We are next door to Canada’s business hub, which hosts major industry players, providing students with unlimited opportunities to build their professional network.

World-Class Partnerships

We have partnered with some of the biggest players in the industry to train our students to be proficient in the latest tools and software. Our partners include Amazon Web Services, CompTIA, Digital Marketing Institute, Knowledge Matters, innRoad, QuickBooks, Salesforce from Trailhead and Tableau to name a few! With these skills, we know you will stand out as a valuable asset to any company upon graduation.

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Part of the Global University Systems (GUS) group

GUS is an international network of higher-education institutions, brought together by a shared passion for accessible, industry-relevant qualifications.

GUS delivers a wide variety of programs, including bachelor’s degree programs, master’s degree programs, professional training, English Language training, and corporate & executive education. With schools situated in 42 different countries, GUS currently provides education to more than 75,000 students in some of the world’s biggest cities including Berlin, London,  Chicago, Toronto and Vancouver; and across the globe in Singapore, Germany and Israel.

TSOM is proud to be part of a group that has a proven track record of success and focuses solely on the needs of students.