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At every stage in your career, TSoM is committed to helping you achieve your professional goals. Uncover all the ways we can prepare you for the next step, build an invaluable TSoM network, find a career you love, and pay it forward to current and future alum. You may start by signing up to the Alumni Newsletter by email at [email protected] and you will receive invitation to workshops, info sessions, networking events and more.

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Sign up for our ISEMPOWER platform at no cost to TSoM Alumni
  • Browse jobs from partner employers and apply directly on the portal
  • Get matched with jobs that fit your profile and invitations to apply every week
  • Book calls directly with mentors nationwide
  • Access 200+ free personalized resources and templates
  • Connect with 2000+ community members

Alumni, can continue their access to Isempower or sign up on their website to receive free personalized resources and updates for upcoming webinars and job postings.

Join a community of over 10,000 international students from over 100 schools across Canada, with 70+ mentors ready to help you succeed!

For more information, please contact [email protected].

Scale Without Borders:

Are you a TSoM Alumni newcomer to Canada looking to break into the tech field? Scale without Borders is a TSoM partner for newcomers to Canada looking to break into and thrive in the tech industry.

Whether you already have a job, are seeking employment, or even considering your own start-up, you’ll need access to a valuable network, industry knowledge, and the right tools and resources.

Event Series:

  • Scale Without Borders events feature the stories of trailblazing tech professionals and entrepreneurs and creates a community of tech leaders and talented newcomers.
  • You will walk away with tangible action items and solid connections from networking.
  • Learn more about our events and see what’s coming up next!


  • Free programs (by application) are high impact, low time commitment masterclasses that directly address challenges in your tech career.
  • Whether it’s breaking into tech as a newcomer, learning relevant skills, or getting connected to the right people, the programs are informative, innovative, and fun.
  • Learn more about our programs and see what’s coming up next.


  • With exposure to so many events and programs offered on this platform, you can be confident about expanding your tech industry network.
  • A great way to help find employment in Canada is through networking. Networking helps you to create and maintain professional relationships with people who have similar interests or experiences in your career field or industry.

The best part is that you can get all these resources for free: Join the movement here.


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