Career Services

Our Career Services helps you transition smoothly from the classroom to a working environment. The department will also assist you in the development of co-op employment opportunities with support from our partner companies.

We offer you:

  • Career development workshops: One-on-one assistance with resumes, cover letters and other self-marketing material and interview preparation
  • Support through the job application process: Assessment of the suitability of co-op employment opportunities, co-op work site visits and/or monitoring mediation between you and the employer when necessary
  • Employer information sessions and career fairs: Organizing trade shows, career fairs and networking events specific to various program areas

For more information, please contact us.


When you are unsure about your career path, one of the options is to make use of the free online assessment below which will help you increase your self-awareness. This, in turn, will help you think about what job would suit you best.

Personal Values Assessment (PVA)

InSight™ Values/Work Characteristics Inventory

Evaluate the results, and if still in doubt, schedule an appointment to discuss them with the Career Services advisors and to identify potential career paths based on your preferences, skills, and interests.

Supporting you from orientation to graduation

We are dedicated to supporting our students from orientation to graduation and this is achieved by:

  • Setting clear goals: Starting a new program requires a clear understanding of what you plan to achieve, so setting goals will help you to succeed academically.
  • Helping you develop through the co-op term: Our co-op diploma programs allow you to sharpen your skills in time-management, communication and much more.
  • Expanding your network: TSoM represents not only a community of highly motivated students, but also aspiring young professionals who are eager to learn more from each other. You can grow your academic and professional network throughout your time in the classroom or during your co-op placement.
  • Personalised learning: Our program portfolio is designed to promote your personal and professional development. To prepare you for a successful career within the industry, we offer workshops, résumé writing and job interview skill sessions.
  • Sharing your experiences as an alumnus: We know our lives take different routes after graduation, but we cherish our alumni and keep in touch with them to share their expertise with potential and current students.

Resources and tools

One of the important resources for career advice is our blog, which provides you with lots of handy tips on how to write a winning résumé, how to succeed in your job search, and which skills are needed for your successful career in the industry of your choice.

You can also click on the following links for more useful information, networking, and work opportunities.