The business courses at Toronto School
of Management (TSoM) are specifically
customized to provide students with the
relevant theoretical and practical knowledge
needed to secure business jobs in Canadian
or international organizations.

The program curriculums cover a wide range of business disciplines including business communications, financial resource management, offline and digital marketing and business environment.

Such extensive curriculums can provide all-round development of relevant professional and personal skills for the students aspiring for business careers.

Why study business programs at TSoM?

Toronto School of Management is one of the best business schools in Canada and offers five tailored programs as a part of business education. Each program is designed to cover all the requisites required for pursuing a career in any business domain. TSoM business students have gone on to establish successful careers in business domains such as sales and marketing, digital marketing, human resource management and finance.

Also, the co-op programs offer valuable Canadian experience in different business domains which can strengthen the practical aspects of the students’ education. The programs can also prepare students to obtain higher business certifications if they want to.

Apart from the program features, TSoM also offers several benefits as a learning institution. The school has a diverse student body from more than 80 countries. It provides strong career support to its students through resume clinics, mock interviews, job fairs and guest speakers. Also, TSoM has a team of dedicated faculty who are subject experts in their respective fields. These instructors are experienced educators providing strong mentorship and guidance.

What kind of business programs are available at TSoM?

TSoM offers a wide range of business management and business administration programs. Each program can prepare you for different kinds of roles in the Canadian and international business domain.

diploma-in-business-administration-co-opDiploma in Business Administration Co-op

The one-year co-op diploma in business provides students with all the essential skills to manage business operations. They can also learn how to improve company efficiencies and hone critical collaboration to take the organization forward. Students learn the ‘Salesforce Great Manager Model’ to become an excellent manager. This is a full-time program that provides 24 weeks of in-class teaching and 24 weeks of co-op experience. The total program duration lasts for 66 weeks.

diploma-in-business-management-co-opDiploma in Business Management Co-op

This 2-year business diploma is ideal for students aspiring for careers in leadership and international business management. The program can build the relevant interdisciplinary skills required to pursue a managerial career in any multinational company. You can also learn how to create effective communication strategies and work in a diverse range of cultures and countries.  The diploma lasts for a total duration of 109 weeks, including scheduled breaks. This also includes 48 weeks of classroom teaching and 24 weeks of co-op work experience.

diploma-in-business-managementDiploma in Business Management

This program is similar to the Diploma in Business Management Co-op in its curriculum modules and program outcomes. However, this diploma does not cover the co-op work experience as a part of the program.  The diploma constitutes of 76 weeks including scheduled breaks and 48 weeks of classroom teaching.

diploma-in-digital-business-management-co-opDiploma in Digital Business Management Co-op

This two-year Diploma in Digital Business Management Co-op program is ideal for students who want to pave the way for a successful career in business management in today’s diverse and changing world. Upon building valuable core competencies in business, graduates can seek roles in a variety of different fields, including marketing, finance, human resources and management. This program is powered by Trailhead from Salesforce.

diploma-in-digital-marketing-specialist-co-opDiploma in Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op

With digital marketing becoming integral to business communications today, this program can prime students to gain relevant skills and expertise in the digital domain. The program can help you learn how to develop different digital advertising campaigns, use tools such as WordPress and Google Analytics, create and optimize PPC campaigns on Google Ads and create content for promotional purposes.  The USP of the program include an additional certificate from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI). DMI is considered a global certification standard in digital marketing education.  The one-year diploma includes 24 weeks of classroom teaching and 12 weeks of co-op work experience.

certificate-in-business-essentials-co-opCertificate in Business Essentials Co-op

This 31-week diploma can allow students to develop essential business skills such as critical thinking, decision making and effective communication to pursue successful business careers. You learn to navigate complex business environments with an enhanced comprehension of organizational structures and behaviours. The program can introduce you to key business disciplines like sales and marketing, business management and finance. The program includes 12 weeks of classroom teaching and 12 weeks of co-op work experience.

BusinessCertificate in General Business Management

This 34-week certificate program prepares students for roles in many areas of business management and operations. Instruction is provided through instructor-led, classroom-based lectures and in-class learning activities, field trips, workshops, and guest speaker presentations. You will develop knowledge of the business management theories, and be able to apply your skills to facilitate business operations.

TSoM has the following program eligibility criteria for the students interested in its business programs.
  • Have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent or be at least 18 years of age and pass the Wonderlic test.
Non-native English speakers should fulfill the below-mentioned criteria:
  • Successful completion of TSoM EAP or
  • Have the required IELTS score or equivalent or
  • Pass the TSoM English Assessment (Written onsite or online with exam proctor)

You can check out the English Proficiency page for more information on the English Language requirements.

Computer use expectation

To progress through your studies at Toronto School of Management (TSoM), it is recommended that each student have access to a personal computer or laptop. TSoM offers access to computer labs on campus. Still, availability cannot be guaranteed, and some programming software may not be available on all open access computers.

These business programs in Canada are ideal for students who wish to pursue different careers in the Canadian or international business domain. The programs are also suitable for those interested in gaining leadership or business management experience in fields such as finance, digital marketing and human resource management.

Skills acquired with business programs

The business programs at TSoM build an impressive business and transferable skill set, which can be useful even if you wish to switch career domains. Here are some skills you can develop during your time as a TSoM business student.

  • Business communication skills
  • Digital marketing expertise
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Business acumen
  • Analytical skills
  • Business management skills
  • Leadership

Pursuing a business program at TSoM can prepare you for a wide range of career options spanning diverse business disciplines. Here are a few exciting career roles for you to explore, among other possibilities.

  • Human Resources Manager: Human resource managers look after employee-associated concerns like payroll, onboarding, recruitments, appraisals and grievance redressal. They can also be involved in the creation of company policies.
  • Business Manager: Business managers are in charge of ensuring optimum productivity and efficiency levels in a company. They also implement proposed business strategies, evaluate the company’s performance and supervise different business teams.
  • Digital Marketing Specialist: These professionals create attractive and effective online advertising or promotional campaign for company products and services. They also develop and monitor different online channels for better customer engagement.
  • Customer Service Associate: Customer service officers and associates assist potential and existing customers on various product or service issues. The role requires high standards of communication and engagement skills.
You can apply for the business programs offered by TSoM in just four simple steps.
  1. Contact a student advisor.
  2. Get all your queries cleared by the advisor.
  3. Discuss your field of interest and the programs and career options available in that domain in-depth.
  4. Enroll with TSoM and start your program.

Many of TSoM’s business programs are approved under the Second Career Initiative. If you’re eligible to apply for the Second Career program or want more information regarding the same, email us at [email protected].

TSoM offers different payment methods such as online payment, international bank payment portals such as PayMyTuition, bank wire transfers, money orders, bank or certified cheques. Multiple payment channels can allow you to conveniently pay your tuition and admission fees.

Click here for the intake dates for all the students interested in pursuing business programs at TSoM.
Question 1: I don’t have a Canadian bank account. How do I pay for the business program fees at TSoM?

Answer: TSoM has a plethora of online and offline payment options to facilitate foreign students in paying their admission and tuition fees. You can choose to pay by bank wire transfers, money orders, and debit cards, among other alternatives.

Question 2: What kind of job opportunities can I explore with a digital marketing diploma from TSoM?

Answer: Digital marketing graduates from TSoM can pursue all the career opportunities listed under Canadian NOC 1123. Some of these roles include social media coordinators, communications officers, PPC specialists and content creators and writers.

Question 3: I am an international student with an IELTS score of 6.5. Can I apply for a business program at TSoM?

Answer: Yes. TSoM allows all non-native speakers with an IELTS score of 5 or 5.5 (depending on the programs) or above to apply for the business programs offered by the school.


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