Graduation Requirements

Student in Graduation

Postsecondary Diploma and Certificate Programs

As students, you are expected to have knowledge of all graduation requirements for your program of study.

To successfully complete a diploma or certificate program and be eligible for graduation, you MUST meet the following requirements:

  1.  A minimum attendance of 70% for each module.
  2.  Successful completion of all modules and a minimum grade of 60% in each module as well as a minimum program average of 70%.
    For ACCA Preparatory Programs, a minimum grade of 50% in each module must be achieved.
    Please review the TSoM Academic Progression Policy for more information about academic progression.
  3.  For programs with co-op placements, you must successfully complete the designated number of hours and receive your employer’s signature on the Co-Op Completion Form. You must then submit the Co-Op Completion Form to Career Services for approval.
  4.  Maintain a valid Study Permit and Co-op Work Permit (if applicable) throughout the duration of your program.
  5.  Maintain valid health insurance coverage throughout the program duration.
    See the Health Insurance Policy for more information.
  6.  A balance of zero on your student financial account.
  7.  A signed copy of the Enrolment Contract and/or Amendment Contract, if applicable.

Students who have paused their studies will not meet the eligibility criteria for graduation from a program that is no longer available at the College.

Diplomas, Certificates and Transcripts Release Dates

Upon successful program completion, TSoM’s Registrar’s Office will review your documents, reaching out to you if there are any outstanding graduation requirements. Once all criteria are met, your official transcript and diploma or certificate will be electronically issued within 30 business days of your program completion date.

If you prefer physical copies, contact Student Services for assistance. Further guidance on this request process will be provided at the time of graduation.