Alumni Community

TSoM Alumni Community

You are part of a special community, one that can help you continue to grow and connect with other alumni. TSoM is here to support you with a myriad of resources and to encourage you to inspire the next generation of TSoM alumni.

Alumni Benefits and Services

We are pleased to provide TSoM alumni with a variety of benefits and services. It’s our way of helping to foster a sense of community post-graduation, and to help develop stronger alumni networks.

Connect with a TSoM Alumni Chapter

TSoM is always looking for leaders to help foster connections among alumni residing in the same area. If you are interested in partnering with the Alumni Association, please email [email protected].

TSoM Alumni Online

Connect – Mentor – Network – Inspire

Are you hoping to connect with other alumni in your sector to strengthen your professional network? Do you wish to expand your horizons by connecting with other graduates around the world? Are you interested in mentoring a TSoM student or recent graduate to improve your own leadership abilities and advance your CV and career? Would you like to get in touch with those who have accepted TSoM offers so you may discuss your decision and what TSoM means to you?

Whether you want to network with other recent professionals, ask a graduate for assistance, or volunteer as a mentor, please get in touch with us today!