Tuition & Fees

All tuition fees are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice. For the most up-to-date fees and schedules, please contact our Finance Office.  Toronto School of Management provides affordable education by offering a variety of financial options to both domestic and international students.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Partial scholarships and bursaries are available for all our programs and can be accessed by new students. Both domestic and international students will be considered for a partial tuition waiver in their first year of study.

Payment Plans

We offer various payment plans to ensure that you’re able to budget well throughout your studies; this also applies to students who are awarded scholarships and bursaries. After the initial deposit, the remaining balance will be due within 3 months of the program start date.

Windmill Microlending

Windmill Microlending is a registered Canadian charity that offers up to $15,000 in low-interest microloans to immigrants with Permanent Resident  or Protected Person refugee status in Canada to help them achieve career success.

From the time that Windmill receives a complete application, it takes 10-15 business days for students to receive the funds in your account if you are approved. With Windmill Microlending, you don’t have to start repaying the principal until after you complete your program (or up to 24 months), and the interest rate is RBC’s Prime Rate + 1.5%.

Their knowledgeable and empathetic staff have been working with internationally-trained professionals for 15 years. You can contact Windmills at [email protected] or 1-855-423-2262.

Canada Revenue Agency Lifelong Learning Plan

The Canada Revenue Agency Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) allows you to withdraw amounts from your registered retirement savings plan (RRSPs) to finance full-time training or education for you or your spouse or common-law partner.  You may withdraw up to $10,000 per year, and up to a total maximum of $20,000. For more information, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website

Registered Educations Savings Plans

Students who have been named a beneficiary under a family member’s Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) may use funds from the RESP to finance their education at TSoM. For more information, please visit the Government of Canada website

Non-government Student Loans

Students can find regular consumer loans for school, lines of credit and/or emergency loans at some financial institutions. Major financial institutions often provide students with a line of credit to finance their studies – follow the links below for some examples.

You can find more information about student lines of credit here!

Employer Sponsored Education Programs

Some companies sponsor their employees’ education to develop their skills; ask your employer if they offer this.

Students Fees