In-Person Schedule

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  • Proof of English
    You must provide Proof of English to be placed into your EAP level. If you do not have Proof of English from a recognized English proficiency test, you may book a placement test from the TSoM Admissions team. Please contact your agency to either submit your existing Proof of English or to book an appointment for you to take the placement test. You may visit EAP website for further information.


  • Complete your EAP Confirmation of Enrollment Form
    Once you receive your EAP offer letter you will be invited by the TSoM EAP Enrollment team to fill out your Confirmation of Enrollment Form via email. Completing this form is mandatory to move forward with your enrollment process.


  • Enrollment Contract
    If you have applied for a Diploma or Certificate Program in TSoM apart from EAP, you must ensure that you carefully read and sign your Enrollment Contract through your Student Portal.


  • Confirm No Outstanding Balance
    Be sure to carefully review and meet the payment plan as detailed in your EAP Offer Letter so that there are no delays to your enrollment process. You may contact your agency for further information about your pending payments.


  • Proof of Health Insurance
    All international students are required to provide proof of valid health insurance throughout the period of their EAP Program. Students must provide their valid policy before the EAP intake Start Date. Please click here to access the TSoM health insurance policy details.


  • Upload your most recent Canada Visa Status Document (if applicable)
    If you have applied for more than 24 weeks in EAP program, you must ensure that your most recent Canada Visa Status Document is uploaded to MyTSoM Student Portal. This will allow the institution to evaluate your eligibility for enrollment.

    Kindly make sure that you upload the document to the appropriate upload slot in the Documents tab of the Student Portal. Adding documents to incorrect upload slots will cause delays in the review and enrollment process.




  • Attend Student Orientation
    Once you are officially enrolled, you will receive a welcome email that provides all the details about Student Orientation.

    You must attend the EAP Student Orientation session as this is where you will gather essential information for a successful start to the EAP Program. You will learn about campus policies, code of conduct, attendance requirements, and other important guidelines.

    This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions, meet your peers, and start acclimating to your new educational environment.