FAQs for Students

1. Is my co-op placement mandatory?

The co-op module is a mandatory part of the program and the successful completion of it is required in order to graduate, therefore it should be treated as seriously as any other academic module.

2. What are the benefits of co-op?

A co-op program provides many benefits including:

  • Exposure to different career paths
  • Engagement in productive work, not only observation, but to get relevant work experience for resume building as well
  • Making industry contacts
  • Potential employment opportunities
  • Applying classroom theory in a business setting
  • Gaining vital soft skills (communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills)
3. Is my co-op placement guaranteed?

While we guarantee that all our co-op students that they will be able to find a placement in a field related to their program of study, you are required to go through the competitive interview process to secure a spot. This includes spending time developing a resume and a cover letter; preparing for the interview and applying to positions.

4. Do I have to pay for my co-op term?

The Co-op term is included in your total tuition fees. You don’t have to pay separately for it.

5. Can I pick my own placement?

Yes, you can conduct an independent search for a co-op placement. However, our Career Services will need evaluate the offer received to ensure that the duties of the position offered relevant to the scope of your studies and/or your program and the company can guarantee a suitable work environment before approving it.

Work experience that is not program-specific and doesn’t provide program specific learning outcomes will not be approved and will not be eligible to be assessed as a Co-op term.

6. How can I start?

Our Career Services team posts job offers available with our Co-op partners on Canvas (accessible through MyTSoM student portal). In addition to applying to positions posted through Canvas, you are encouraged to conduct an active independent job search.

7. How can TSoM help me?

The Career Services department assists in the development of co-op employment opportunities for students.

These services include:

  • One-on-one student assistance with resumes, cover letters, and other job search documents and networking tools, interview preparation
  • Career development workshops
  • Assessment of the suitability of co-op employment opportunities
  • Support in the student job application and selection process; along with posting job openings, arranging interviews and facilitating offers of Co-op employment
  • Co-op work term site visits and/or monitoring
  • Mediation between employers and Co-op students when necessary
8. How long is the Co-op term?

The Co–op term varies depending on the Co-op program you selected.

9 Will I be paid for the Co-op term?

You should approach the Co-op term as an experience of learning and growth, not as a financial gain opportunity and therefore are expected to be flexible in relation to wages.

10. Where can I find out more?

TSoM Career Services Department and its coordinators are available to assist and support students in the development of opportunities and throughout their Co-op module.

Please contact Career Services for more information.