Our Hiring Process

If you are a new employer or co-op partner thinking of hiring with us, please familiarize yourself with our hiring process.  We invite you to make an appointment with our Career Services Manager to visit our Campus.


Plan for your organizational needs and identify potential co-op roles in your organization. You should consider joining TSoM’s networking events or career fairs to meet our students and promote the opportunities within your organization.


Make sure your job description includes information about your organization, details about the role and the skills that students should be bringing to succeed on the job. Once your posting is approved, the job will be live and ready for students to apply.


Select those candidates you wish to interview from the pool of resumes received.

Contact TSoM Career Services if you need our assistance in arranging interviews.

Once the student has accepted your offer, please notify us and we will send you the co-op Confirmation Letter for your signature prior to student’s commencement of the co-op term.

For more information please contact our Career Services Manager.