Industry Partnerships

Toronto School of Management (TSoM) is committed to providing the highest quality of learning and resources for our students. This is the reason why we have worked with many renowned and global industry learning partners to strengthen our program curriculum. This ensures that your education is up to date and your career is future proofed.

Our Industry Learning Partners

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments.  With the increasing demand for educated cloud employees, AWS took an initiative to establish AWS Educate which provides an academic gateway for the next generation of IT and cloud professionals.

AWS Educate is Amazon’s global initiative to provide students and educators with the resources needed to accelerate cloud-related learning. As part of TSoM’s Diploma in Data Analytics Co-op, our students will receive access to AWS where they will be able to test various tools within the platform.

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), is a non-profit trade association, issuing professional certifications for the information technology (IT) industry. It is considered to be one of the IT industry's top trade associations. CompTIA issues vendor-neutral professional certifications in over 120 countries.

The organization releases over 50 industry studies annually to track industry trends and changes. Over 2.2 million people have earned CompTIA certifications since the association was established. As part of TSoM’s Diploma in Cybersecurity Specialist Co-op, our students will build a solid foundation towards the Security+ Certification.

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification standard in digital marketing education, producing more graduates trained to a single digital marketing standard than any other certification body. The Digital Marketing Institute works with global digital experts like Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IBM and LinkedIn to define the skills and qualifications required by today’s digital marketing professionals.

As part of TSoM’s Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op, our students learning will be supported not only by the expertise of TSoM’s faculty but also by an industry-recognized Digital Marketing Institute.  Upon successful completion, our students will also receive a Digital Marketing Associate certificate. 

Knowledge Matters is the leading provider of interactive, browser-based, educational simulations for teaching business (food service, hospitality, retailing, sports management, and manufacturing), marketing and personal finance/financial literacy. The company’s Virtual Business line of simulations is used in over one-third of all the high schools in the United States. Knowledge Matters’ Case Simulations, designed for today’s digitally native college students, are visually immersive, interactive business simulations in use by many leading two-year and four-year universities and colleges. 

As part of TSoM’s Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Co-op, Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Tourism Management Co-op and Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management, our students will learn to use Knowledge Matters' Case Simulations Hospitality Collection. The Hospitality Collection offers students experiential learning on the fundamentals of hotel management and lodging operations via interactive, visually immersive simulations.

OPERA Property Management Cloud Services by Oracle Hospitality is a cloud-based, mobile-enabled platform for next-generation hotel property management. Based on OPERA Property on premise, the leading enterprise solution suite for the hospitality industry, OPERA Cloud offers an intuitive user interface. It also provides comprehensive functionality for all areas of hotel management, secure data storage, and hundreds of key partner interfaces to meet the needs of hotels of all types and sizes.

As part of TSoM’s Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management Co-opAdvanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management Co-opAdvanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management and Certificate in Customer Service Excellence Co-op, our students will learn how to use this property management system as if they would have been working in the hotel.

QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. QuickBooks products are geared towards businesses of all sizes and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions.

As part of TSoM’s Diploma in Business Administration Co-opDiploma in Business Management Co-op and Diploma in Business Management, our students will learn how to use QuickBooks software for various bookkeeping purposes. 

Tableau is an interactive data visualization software that helps people transform data into actionable insights. Users can create limitless visuals, build dashboards and perform ad hoc analyses in just a few clicks. Tableau also enables data to be shared among individuals to support the decision-making process. From global enterprises to early-stage startups and small businesses, people everywhere use Tableau to make data driven decisions.

As part of TSoM’s Diploma in Data Analytics Co-op, our students will learn how Tableau can be used to create visual representation of data from various sources.

Trailhead from Salesforce is the fun way to learn. With engaging, bite-size content, Trailhead helps professionals gain new skills and hone existing ones. Trailhead is gamified, with assessments that demonstrate level of skills, and badges and points that illustrate participants progress. Trailhead is a learning experience platform—a library of educational content that learners can access whenever they like. Trailhead is designed around what users need to learn, rather than around what a training department needs to teach. Participants can choose from various topics to learn new skills at their own pace.

Salesforce continually adds content to Trailhead, so there is always something new to learn. As part of TSoM’s Diploma in Business Administration Co-op, Diploma in Business Management Co-opDiploma in Digital Business Management Co-op and Diploma in Business Management, our students will learn the “Manage the Salesforce Way” to discover strategies and tools to be a great manager.