Registrar’s Office

Welcome to the Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office is here to support you with integrity and accuracy as you work toward your success. At the Registrar’s Office, we’re here to help you, from the time you are admitted right through graduation and beyond.

The Registrar’s Office plays a key role in the delivery of a wide variety of services to applicants, registered students, and graduates of the Toronto School of Management. Below are just a few examples of the many things our team can support you with as a TSoM student.

Enrollment Services

At the beginning of your Toronto School of Management experience, the enrollment services office will oversee and facilitate your enrollment process, ensuring you meet the college`s admission and enrollment requirements. Our goal is to create a seamless and positive experience for incoming students as they transition into the college community. To know more about TSoM enrollment requirements, please refer to the TSoM Enrollment Checklist here: Enrollment Checklists.

International Student Advising

The international student advising (ISA) office provides comprehensive support and guidance to international students studying at TSoM. This office assists international students in navigating the complexities of visa and immigration requirements by helping them understand and comply with government regulations related to their status, facilitating workshops and webinars, and promoting one-on-one consultations on campus. Please refer to the TSoM ISA page for details.

Student Records

The student records office of TSoM is responsible for the management and maintenance of all academic records and documentation pertaining to enrolled students. This office’s mission is to maintain the integrity of the student’s academic records by processing the following in compliance with institutional policies.

The Student Records department is responsible for the configuration of the college’s Student Information System related to admissions, registration, and graduation processes involving the Registrar`s Office, and it is also responsible for the production of a number of mandatory reports submitted by several stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Education and Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Graduation Process

As you prepare for graduation, our team will be thrilled to finalize the record for your program, follow up with students regarding any pending documentation, and issue your credential. Additionally, the Registrar`s Office may handle student requests for enrollment verification, personal data change, and providing proof of your student status or transcript to an employer, other educational institution, or government agency.


The Registrar`s Office also supports students who, for diverse reasons, have decided to discontinue enrollment in the Toronto School of Management formally. Before withdrawing, our team will ensure students fully understand the consequences and explore alternatives to ensure the best course of action aligns with their long-term goals. To know more about the withdrawal process, please visit Withdrawal Process.

Contact Us

Please contact this office at [email protected] if you have any inquiries regarding any of the topics above.