What Makes TSoM an Exceptional School for International Students

Images of TSoM Students

The Toronto School of Management (TSoM) is an esteemed institution revered by students worldwide, notably because of our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment. With enrolled students from over 100 countries, we provide a safe and welcoming campus where students can express themselves and celebrate their roots with peers from different backgrounds.

TSoM also takes pride in its dedicated faculty and staff, who are present to support and guide students through engaging experiences to enrich their learning journey. Situated in Toronto, our college capitalizes on the dynamic and inclusive environment of the city, offering students a unique educational experience.

We also strive to create an engaging student experience, recognizing the strong impact that our resources and support services have on students’ academic journeys. Our commitment extends to facilitating student involvement in engaging community events and activities and promoting equal career opportunities for everyone.

Various departments at TSoM work collaboratively to enhance the overall student experience, reinforcing our goal of providing the best possible learning environment daily.

What can International Students Expect from TSoM?

  • Cultural Events: Each month, our Student Services team orchestrates a diverse array of cultural events, aiming to foster inclusivity and acquaint our students with the vibrant histories of their peers’ home countries. These engaging events span a spectrum, featuring celebrations such as Japan Cultural Day, Brazil Independence Day, Africa Day, Nowruz, Ramadan, Canadian Multiculturalism Day, and more.
  • Student Trips and Activities: In addition, we curate an array of trips and activities for our students to iconic Ontario landmarks like Niagara Falls, the CN Tower, and the Royal Ontario Museum. We also organize sports activities, including soccer and volleyball leagues. This ensures our students can refresh themselves from their academic routines and engage in quality time with their TSoM community.
  • Career Events and Workshops: Our Career Services team conducts a series of monthly workshops and events designed to equip students with the skills to enter their desired career field. The team also set up job fairs and offer internships, providing opportunities for students to connect with employers. This approach allows students to explore potential career paths and significantly enhances their prospects of securing jobs in their desired career.
  • Monthly Newsletter: We provide our students and alumni with a monthly newsletter detailing the latest TSoM updates on activities and events.
  • Health and Wellbeing Support: TSoM prioritizes the health and well-being of our students with dedicated support from our Community Services team. Moreover, we’ve forged a partnership with Guard.me to provide round-the-clock mental health and crisis support through the Keep.meSAFE app. This app offers on-demand content covering health, student life, living independently, and relationships, allowing students to speak with certified counselors.
  • Zero-Tolerance Policy: We encourage our students to report any acts of harassment and hate with our zero-tolerance policy at [email protected].

At TSoM, we firmly believe that cultivating an inclusive and supportive community serves as the foundation for any organization’s success. Through ongoing initiatives, we are dedicated to thriving as a secure environment for our students, as they pursue their aspirations of becoming successful career professionals.