Taking Care of Health and Wellness in Toronto as an International Student: Tips on Staying Healthy

Smiling woman in Toronto


As students with busy schedules, it’s important to make time to prioritize our health and wellness. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for both our physical and mental well-being. In this blog post, we will explore some practical health tips to nurture your overall health and wellness to support you on your exciting new educational journey in the city of Toronto.

Embrace Toronto’s Green Spaces:

Toronto is known for its beautiful parks and green spaces. Take advantage of these natural sanctuaries by spending time outdoors, going for walks, or engaging in physical and wellness activities for students like jogging, cycling, or yoga. Parks such as High Park, Trinity Bellwoods Park, and the Toronto Islands offer opportunities for relaxation, exercise, and fresh air.

Discover Local Farmers’ Markets:

Toronto boasts a vibrant local food scene, and exploring the city’s farmers’ markets is an excellent way to support local farmers while nourishing your body with fresh, nutritious produce. Visit markets like St. Lawrence Market, Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market, and Leslieville Farmers’ Market to find a wide range of locally grown fruits, vegetables, and other artisanal products.

Engage in Active Transportation:

Turn your daily commute into an opportunity for physical activity. Consider incorporating active transportation into your routine by walking or cycling whenever possible. Toronto has an extensive network of bike lanes and trails, making it easier to commute while staying active and reducing your carbon footprint. Colleges like Toronto School of Management (TSoM) enjoy an unbeatable location downtown with several nearby Bike Share stations where you can grab a bike and go for $0.12/minute or for $15 for a 90-minute ride from where you can walk to dozens of stores, restaurants, and main landmarks such as the famous Dundas Square, Nathan Phillip Square, the CF Toronto Eaton Centre shopping mall, and more. With these fun and important destinations within walking distance of your Campus, meeting your daily step goal is easy!

Explore Fitness Studios and Classes:

As an international student, exercise is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle as you balance your studies with social life and work. Toronto offers an array of fitness studios and classes that cater to different interests and fitness levels. Whether you prefer high-intensity workouts, yoga, Pilates, or martial arts, there is something for everyone. Take advantage of introductory offers or trial passes to try out different studios and find activities that you enjoy. At TSoM, you can find several gyms and other fitness facilities for all tastes and budgets right across the street.

Prioritize Mental Well-being and In-Person Connection:

Part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle means taking care of your mental health as well. As students, it’s essential to prioritize mental well-being. One way to do that, is by connecting with your classmates during your on-campus class days. Take the opportunity to get to know them better and meet for a coffee at the Campus Café during class breaks.

Engage in activities that help you relax and unwind, such as meditation, mindfulness, or attending wellness workshops. TSoM, for example, hosts well-being workshops and offers mental health tips, support, and resources. Reach out to Student Services at [email protected] for more information.

Join your College’s Events and Groups:

Try to join your college’s special activities if they provide them. TSoM hosts several ongoing engaging social, cultural, and sports activities as well as tourist excursions that you can always join for free or for a low fee, where you can meet even more students outside of your class and learn more about Canadian and International culture.

Furthermore, TSoM’s student body is comprised of students from Canada itself, with most being from over 100 countries who are all going through the same experience as you. You have the opportunity to not only learn about the Toronto lifestyle and culture but also about the cultures of all other international students. Put yourself out there and make new  friends that will change your life view and make your overall experience as a student much more fun and fulfilling.

Also, Toronto is a city that thrives on community and cultural diversity, just like TSoM’s student body. Engage with like-minded individuals by joining community events, groups, or clubs centered around activities you enjoy. It could be a running group, book club, or sports team. Connecting with others who share your interests not only contributes to your social well-being but also helps you stay motivated and accountable.

Seek Out Healthy Dining Options:

If you’re looking for tips on eating healthy while living in Toronto, you don’t have to look far! Toronto’s culinary scene is incredibly diverse, offering a wide range of dining options. When dining out, you can choose restaurants that prioritize healthy, wholesome ingredients. Look for menus with fresh salads, vegetarian or vegan options, and dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Many restaurants in Toronto cater to specific dietary needs, making it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

By incorporating these tips  for health and wellness into your daily routine, you can take care of your health while enjoying everything the city of Toronto has to offer. Health services in Toronto are also world-class and are always available to provide you with professional assistance. Remember, making small, consistent changes can have a significant impact on your overall well-being.

Furthermore, when choosing an educational institution, choose one that offers social and cultural activities like the ones hosted by TSoM and offers mental health support and tools, which will ease your journey to a well-balanced International Student experience.