ACCA Exam Top Performer shares her Strategies for Exam Success

Image of Sahar Jafari

Sahar Jafari, a dedicated full-time Preparatory Course for ACCA Examination student at the Toronto School of Management (TSoM), clinched the top spot in the Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) Paper, both in Canada and ranking in the top 25 worldwide. Her journey to success offers invaluable insights for this specific accreditation candidates striving for excellence in their ACCA exams.

Here are Sahar’s key tips for exam success and the best ways on how to study for ACCA exams:

Get a study partner:

For Sahar, collaborating with a study partner fosters accountability and mutual support. Sharing knowledge, feedback, and ideas propels both individuals forward in their studies.

Go over your question bank:

Tackling the challenging Taxation module, Sahar found that revisiting the question bank provided by her instructor was instrumental. This method helped her break through complex topics that varied significantly from her home country’s tax system.

Leverage your instructors’ insights:

Enrolling in an ACCA Approved Learning Partner program, like the one at Toronto School of Management, provided Sahar with access to highly experienced instructors. These instructors offered real-life scenarios and insights into corporate practices, which she applied to her exam preparations.

Make the most out of your classes:

Actively participating in class exercises and utilizing the opportunity to seek clarification from instructors allowed Sahar to solidify her understanding and refine her exam strategies.

Plan your strategy:

Big Picture: Choose a comprehensive, approved learning partner program, similar to Sahar’s experience at Toronto School of Management, to form a strong foundation.

Medium Picture: Outline a detailed study plan two to three months before the exam, incorporating focused study sessions using the Pomodoro technique based on the complexity of the exam.

Small Picture: On the exam day, prioritize a good, protein-rich meal, ensuring you are well-rested and relaxed.

Sahar’s exceptional achievement in the ACCA exams highlights the effectiveness of a well-structured study plan, leveraging resources, and capitalizing on the expertise of instructors. Following her advice can significantly enhance your preparation and performance in the ACCA examinations.

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