TSoM Adds Knowledge Matters as a Learning Partner

The Toronto School of Management is pleased to announce that it has added Knowledge Matters as an industry partner for its Hospitality and Tourism programs.

Knowledge Matters is the leading provider of interactive, browser-based, educational simulations for teaching business (including areas such as food service, hospitality, retailing, sports management, and manufacturing), marketing and personal finance/financial literacy. The company’s Virtual Business line of simulations is used in over one-third of all United States’ high schools. Knowledge Matters’ case simulations, designed for today’s digitally native college students, are visually immersive, interactive business simulations used by many leading two-year and four-year universities and colleges.

As part of TSoM’s Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Co-op, Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Tourism Management Co-op and Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management programs, students will learn to use Knowledge Matters’ Case Simulations Hospitality Collection. The Hospitality Collection offers students experiential learning on the fundamentals of hotel management and lodging operations via interactive, visually immersive simulations.

Yevginiy Demchuk, Associate Director of Academics and Student Services at TSoM, said: “This new partnership will be a great way for students to gain practical experience of working in the hospitality and tourism sectors, particularly through the use of simulations. We look forward to working with Knowledge Matters in the future.”