TSoMx Offers Students Business and Career Development Workshops from Renowned Industry Experts

Toronto School of Management (TSoM) is proud to announce the launch of TSoMx, an exclusive and innovative program that provides students and alumni with live online sessions designed to enrich their technology and business skills.

TSoMx, powered by Jolt, will feature concise and relevant workshops led by “Jolters”, top experts in their field, and will be a valuable resource for students, helping them to achieve their academic and career goals. Jolters have had clients from or have worked at companies such as Microsoft, Meta, eBay, Coca-Cola, SalesForce, Intel and more.

New and exciting live sessions will be offered each week, categorized under three main areas:

  • Career Planning and Development
  • Business Orientation and Management Skills
  • Technology Tool and Sales

“We are proud to be able to provide live sessions to our students through TSoMx, which we can foresee as having a significant impact on enhancing their real-world job readiness,” says Ehsan Safdari, President of Toronto School of Management. “These workshops will greatly complement our students’ curriculum, as well as broaden their knowledge and skillsets.”

Students can register for the program at the following link https://www.jolt.io/tsom with their “MyTSoM” email address.  They will receive a confirmation email and can then open an account in the TSoMx Student Portal to register for the live sessions, which will provide them with practical tools and insights!

For the schedule for all sessions and workshop descriptions, please check your TSoMx Portal and email. The Jolt Sessions will run until the end of November 2023.

Sign up for TSoMx today and take advantage of all the great workshops coming your way!

Our first Jolt session Email Marketing: Creating a Strategy that Stands the Test of Time, will feature Jolter, Fab Giovanetti, CMO at Unconventional Edge Consulting.

Date: March 20th, 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Jolt Session Description

Were you aware that producing a viable sales lead typically takes more than seven interactions? That’s why establishing a dependable email marketing strategy is essential. This Jolt introduces you to a four-step framework for developing a successful email marketing plan:

  1.  Determine appropriate objectives.
  2.  Identify and construct your list of the target audience.
  3.  Develop a comprehensive email marketing strategy.
  4.  Evaluate your outcomes.

Throughout the Jolt, you’ll gain an understanding of each step and learn how to apply it to your company. By the end, you’ll have a primary email marketing plan to enhance your conversions and improve your overall business performance.

Fab Giovanetti

Fab Giovanetti is an accomplished entrepreneur recognized for her outstanding achievements in supporting individuals who seek to create a positive influence through their marketing efforts. With her expertise as a marketing agency CMO and a teacher, she empowers busy professionals to regain control of their schedules. Her community and online mentoring initiatives have impacted over 100,000 individuals worldwide. As a highly regarded public speaker, writer, published author, and guest lecturer throughout the UK, she is committed to sharing her knowledge and experience with others.