TSoM Receives Authorization from EduCanada

TSoM is excited to announce that it is now authorized to use the EduCanada brand. Developed through the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) and Global Affairs Canada, the ‘EduCanada A world of possibilities/Un monde de possibilités’ brand is a joint initiative to establish Canada as a world-class destination for international students and help market Canadian education.

According to the brand policy, there are a set of standards which need to be met in order for education institutions to be able to use the EduCanada brand. These standards include providing high-quality education programs, overseeing international students that meet recognized codes of conduct and being subject to quality assurance mechanisms that monitor adherence to set standards.

Commenting on the authorization, TSoM’s Managing Director, Ehsan Safdari said: ‘We are delighted to be able to use such a prestigious branding as EduCanada. This is a huge testament to the high-quality education we offer at TSoM.

“This authorization will help the school standout to international students as a leading education provider whilst also enhancing Canada’s presence on the global stage as a top study destination.”