TSoM Instructor Develops a New COVID-19 Tracker Mobile Dashboard

Toronto School of Management is pleased to reveal that Jaydeep Chakraborty, Instructor of the Diploma in Data Analytics Co-op at Toronto School of Management, has been working on a new mobile dashboard: the Toronto Neighbourhood COVID-19 Tracker.

Using the dashboard, people will be able to get recent updates on case counts in a selected neighborhood, to interactively view case trends across neighborhoods, to understand the COVID-19 profile of selected neighborhoods and to realize the extent of the spread of the virus among schools.

This is the only mobile dashboard that tracks the spread of COVID-19 within Toronto’s neighborhoods. Built using Python and PowerBI, the dashboard is a great example of building a data foundation using multiple data sources and insight generation. The dashboard will use multiple machine learning algorithms for time series forecasting as well as effective dashboarding to help users make better decisions.

Jaydeep explained: “I was struggling to find a relevant dashboard which would help me understand the extent of the spread in my neighborhood and place of work. Out of necessity, I decided to create this mobile dashboard (refreshed weekly). I believe this can help people staying in Toronto to make better decisions in daily life.”

Discover more about this fantastic app here.