TSoM Holds Donation Drive for Syria and Türkiye Earthquake Relief Efforts

In light of the tragic events that occurred in Syria and Türkiye, we are calling on the entire Toronto School of Management (TSoM) community to support our on-going donation drive, which will go to the Canadian Red Cross to provide much-needed relief efforts to the affected areas of the earthquake.

You can send your donations directly to the Red Cross using the QR code here or drop by our campus at 22 College Street to show your support in person. Global University Systems (GUS) Canada will match every donation dollar for dollar.

“We extend our deepest sympathies to the affected families and communities in the heartbreaking catastrophe that occurred in Syria and Türkiye,” Ehsan Safdari, TSoM President, said. “GUS Canada, along with the entire TSoM community, is with you all in these challenging times, and will do our best to offer all the support we can provide, with the help of the Canadian Red Cross. We encourage our TSoM family to join us in our collection efforts by donating any amount that you can—each of our efforts goes a long way. Again, our hearts go out to the people of Syria and Türkiye.”