Toronto School of Management’s preferred language partner has launched a new online English training program: TLG Live

TLG Live will allow students to improve their academic English skills from the comfort of their own home, without taking the academic IELTS or TOEFL exam for direct admission to TSoM programs. Students can progress through six levels of English proficiency as their skills improve. Each level includes two modules and each module takes four weeks to complete.

TLG Live provides live classroom lessons, taught online, and combines them with TLG unique University Preparation curriculum and interactive resources. Each class is 120 minutes long and delivered over the Zoom platform, a secure and widely-used video conferencing app. Additionally, each class includes 40 minutes of group activities and are taught by Languages Canada-certified instructors. There are three start times for the live classes to accommodate different time zones and students always have access to TLG Live self-study resources.

Students enrolling in the Diploma in Fundamentals of Hospitality and Tourism Co-op program will need to complete TLG Level Pre-UPP 2. Students enrolling in the Certificate programs will need to complete TLG Level Pre-UPP 3, while students enrolling in the Diploma programs will need to complete TLG Level UPP 4.

The first intake for all levels will be Monday, May 4, 2020, with new intakes starting on Monday every two weeks. Free arrival tests are available for new students and the introductory price is only $99 per week with a one-time application fee of $99.

For a limited time only, from now until June 30, 2020, TSoM students requiring academic English support when enrolling into any TSoM programs, will receive the #GUSLovesCanada scholarship of up to 8 weeks of TLG Live. For more information, inquire at [email protected]