Toronto School of Management (TSoM) celebrates graduates with first-ever Convocation ceremony

Toronto School of Management (TSoM) had the great pleasure of recognizing the achievements of its students with the college’s first ever convocation ceremony on June 28th, 2022 at the Lyric Theatre at the Meridian Arts Centre.

“I hope,” said President of TSoM and Niagara College – Toronto Programs, Ehsan Safdari, in his address to students, “that everything you learned and experienced in your time here at TSoM, serves you in whatever comes next. And with your journey at TSoM complete, we look forward to seeing all you do and accomplish as you start on the next journey – the journey of tomorrow.”

“I will be forever grateful for this once in a lifetime experience,” said valedictorian and Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Management Co-op student, Erika Delacruz, in her speech to fellow students. “The education, the memories, the experiences, the diplomas, and the relationships built, are the things that won’t be taken from me and I will carry them wherever life leads me.”

Valedictorian and Diploma in Business Administration Co-op student, Letizia Iraci, offered inspiring advice to graduates. “Whenever you are applying for a job do not be afraid, and do not let your fears stop you from applying.”

And finally, valedictorian and Diploma in Business Management Co-op student Adriana Sina Telles celebrated what she and her fellow classmates had accomplished the past two years. “We have worked so hard to get here. Starting by leaving our homes and families to come to Canada. Then learning a new language, then learning business concepts in that new language! Dealing with different cultures, searching for a job, finding a place to live, adapting to a super cold climate. And if that was not hard enough, we have survived a global pandemic! That, my friends, is what I call victory!”

After two years of hard work in the midst of a global pandemic, Toronto School of Management was able to gather in-person with 129 of its approximately 800 graduating students, their families and loved ones, to celebrate all of their accomplishments at the Lyric Theatre at the Meridian Arts Centre. The event was a great success and Toronto School of Management looks forward to supporting its graduates in the next step of their professional journeys.

Congratulations to the graduates of 2022!

To watch the ceremony, see the link to our streaming video: