Toronto School of Management collaborates with Michigan Language Assessment to offer new English Language proficiency options to Prospective Students

Toronto School of Management (TSoM) is proud to announce a collaboration between Michigan Language Assessment, a not-for-profit English proficiency test provider, and TSoM’s parent company, Global University Systems (GUS) Canada , that will provide increased opportunities for prospective students to demonstrate their English language proficiency for admission to Toronto School of Management. The Michigan English Test, better known as MET, is a trusted English proficiency test used for educational, professional, and immigration high-stakes decisions.

“Our partnership with Michigan Language Assessment will open new doors for international students seeking language assessment,” says Diana Mockute, Chief Partnerships Officer for GUS Canada, GUS Med and GUS Vet. “This collaboration ensures that students worldwide will now have expanded opportunities to showcase their language proficiency, jumpstarting their journeys to success and bright futures.”

MET is a 4-skill digital proficiency exam that assesses an individual’s English writing, reading, speaking, and listening comprehension levels based on international standards. By recognizing MET as a reliable, secure, and accurate proof of English Language proficiency, TSoM expands the access of prospective students to its programs.

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