Why do businesses need to rely on cybersecurity more during COVID-19?

Why do businesses need to rely on cyber security more during COVID-19

Many of us will be reading this blog while working from home and adjusting to a new job culture. Global business structure has undergone a major shift during this coronavirus phase. The transition to a digital way of operation has been sudden for many who are still getting accustomed to the new work scenario. Overnight companies went from a well-planned set up to an improvised one. Since many are unprepared for this technological change, they can easily become vulnerable targets of hackers and data theft.

Supervising this new system with vigilance is important to tackle any kind of cybercrime. In this blog, we take a look at how cybersecurity can play a major role in safeguarding businesses’ operations.

Why is cybersecurity important? 


In the present circumstances, several organisations have allowed staff to take their work equipment home. They are asked to set up computer systems in their personal space and connect with IT department for back-end support. Most of us are not experts at installation due to a limited understanding of this work. Such scenarios create a lot of scope for cybersecurity challenges.

Those who are forced to substitute computer systems with mobile devices are at greater risk of cyber-attacks. Critical and confidential pieces of work that is being managed by multiple parties can be easily misused. While encrypted folder and password protected files add a layer of protection, they may not be able to hold up against new cybersecurity issues.

Need for robust measures 


The remote infrastructure and increased use of digital platform have paved challenges for business in terms of cyber-attack protection. Securing endpoint has become critical at this juncture as companies that had a strong cyber defence system are also encountering many weak links.

The current crisis has called for stringent cybersecurity measures at various level. Businesses have to identify the lapses that previously went unnoticed and have to put a more resilient system in place. The market might also see a surge in demand for trained experts who can handle such issues. Business cyber-attacks can cause immense losses and destroy a brand reputation. To avoid this, corporations need to put all their resources together in creating a cyber network that will shield their valuable data.

What this means for students and professionals is that now is a good time to turn towards cybersecurity training online. Career prospects in this industry are booming and one can easily build a successful future in this stream.

Need for awareness 


Due to COVID 19 and the remote working framework, cybersecurity has become everyone’s responsibility. Companies are seeking to educate their employees on basic measures to deal with security risks. This can curtail many things such as phishing and password attacks.

Businesses rely more on cybersecurity during these times and have to tackle each challenge with innovation and creativity. Any slip in this department can adversely impact all the functions of the organisation.

Securing network


A barrier between the corporate network and the internet will ensure that the company network is protected. This firewall becomes extremely important during these times along with an up to date anti-virus. Unprotected systems are like sitting ducks for malicious attackers, hence, it’s necessary to get an anti-virus in place and ensure that it is updated on a regular basis by the IT staff.

Securing cloud 


Use of cloud storage has increased three folds during the lockdown, after all, how else can employees working remotely access files. Though, this has also made it vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Companies need to ensure that their cloud provider or service is completely secure. It would be wise to do a periodic review of their security measures to be entirely sure that there is no potential for any malicious attack. Further, ask all the account holders accessing the firm’s account to keep a strong password and change it cyclically.

A general awareness of cybersecurity is a must for every corporate professional. You can also build a strong future in this sector with a Diploma course In Cybersecurity Specialist Co-op by the Toronto School of Management  (TSoM). Click on the given link to start your exciting journey in cybersecurity today.