Significance of cybersecurity in the digital age

The digital age has brought a complete change in the way we view and experience the world. While collectively the turf on which the world functions has become smaller, it has certainly brought its share of problems. As connectivity increases, the risk of security also crops up exponentially.

There was a time when the locks on doors and lockers was what counted as security but now the real threat is digital. Such security breach in the cyber world can have fatal consequences to organisations and even nations. Emphasis on cyber security is also being given due to the sheer scale of the World Wide Web. If you are curious as to what cybersecurity entails and what career prospects it offers then read on. This blog will offer you an overview on the subject and why it is imperative for organisations to focus on cybersecurity.

What is cyber security?

In the present scenario, sensitive data is continuously at risk and different types of technologies and processes are designed to protect it. The data here can refer to one saved on devices, programs, software networks and more. Any sort of unauthorised access to such information is a security breach and hence strong measures are taken to prevent it.

The escalating cyber threats have made this in an even more serious issue. We all remember the malicious attack on Yahoo in the year 2014 when the accounts of nearly 500 million users were breached and personal information was extracted from them. This brings down the reputation on the enterprise and its credibility in the eyes of the consumer. It also puts the customers at risk as their valuable information is out in the open and can be misused for any purpose. To prevent such setbacks, many organisations employ cyber security expert

Importance of cyber security in the digital world?

We are living in an age where information technology has bridged the gap between nations. Be it organisations or individuals, everyone is storing their data on cloud which means that digital footprint is growing on a vast scale. This knowledge is out in the open and some hackers can misuse technology for their advantage.

Digital world is complex and just like there is unlimited potential as to what it offers, unfortunately the same goes for security breach. The matter is not just restricted to the personal, financial and sensitive data of a business but it can even pose a threat to national security. As digital platforms are evolving at a rapid pace, so are methods to protect information security. There are multiple factors associated with cyber security which are:

  • Data security: is put in place to prevent unauthorised access to the database of organisations. It is also an aspect of IT security.
  • Mobile security: also known as wireless security functions to protect laptops, smartphones and all kinds of portable computing devices from threat.
  • Network security: this is a rather broader process where software and hardware technologies are used to protect computer networks.
  • Application security: security features are put inside application to make sure that they are free from any cyber-attack.
  • Endpoint security: the connectivity of wireless devices such as laptops and phones also possess risk and is protected by endpoint security.
  • Identity management: accessibility to networks, systems, even applications is checked via an established and detailed procedure.
  • Disaster recovery: to keep unplanned events in check, security plan is laid out by companies well in advance.

Why cyber security is critical for companies?

If you think that it is only nations and governments that need to be on the lookout for cyber-attacks then think again. The corporate sector is equally at risk and needs to ensure that it is not vulnerable to any such threats. This is the reason why organisations have to take appropriate steps to put a good security check in place.

Also it’s not just the big corporation but businesses of all sizes that need to put up strong defences in the face of cyber threats. While the future is unpredictable, it is always wise to have a plan of action to protect sensitive information vital for the company before any significant damage happens.

Cyber security as a career choice

Whether we like it or not cyber-attacks are not stopping any time soon. They are just becoming all the more varied and advanced. Though, one good factor associated with it is that cyber security is a brilliant career choice. There is a world of options that is laid out in front of you if this is where you see your future.

Cyber security jobs are cropping up every day as every sector is investing time, resources and money in curtailing any threats. Here are some points that will further help you understand why you should think of making a career in this sector:

  • Limitless scope for growth: a similar pattern that technologies and organisations are following collectively is that they are both fast progressing. Earlier cyber security was not such a defined team of work but with times it has evolved a lot. There are endless opportunities and challenges which can help one truly grow.
  • An impactful job: what you do for an organisation as a cyber security expert has a direct impact on the company, its customers and employees. This just adds a lot more gravitas to your profile.
  • Rewarding at various levels: when we talk of rewards, we are not just focusing on the package that you will draw. It also speaks of the learning that you will accumulate and the excitement it will entail.

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