The Power of LinkedIn as a Tool for Finding Career Opportunities

Image of a hand holding a phone with Linkedin Logo at the middle

The rise of social media has made it so easy for each person to connect in a snap, regardless of where they are in the world. We use social media for connecting with friends and loved ones, interacting with famous personalities, content creation, and even dating! Various kinds of social networking sites have been developed to build connections according to each user’s preferences. When it comes to professional networking, LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms that has been proven and tested to effectively build a stronger network within the business sector.

Founded in 2002 and launched in 2003, LinkedIn is considered the leading social networking site for business owners and professionals alike. With LinkedIn, users can customize their own profiles, either as a business entity or as an individual. The site has plenty of features that make it easier, especially for professionals, to establish their network and find career opportunities that fit their niche.

In this blog, we’ll give you some quick tips on how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile and boost your chances of getting employed at your dream workplace!

The advantages of using LinkedIn for your career

1. Establish your profile as a competent professional

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to introduce yourself to peers and employers as a professional. Here, you can add relevant information about your character, your educational background, professional experience, and even your references. You can also post content, just like on other social media sites, that can add value to your character and give a good impression to employers.

2. It is an effective online job-seeking tool

As more and more corporations make the shift to digital, a lot of traditional practices are being carried over as well – including the employment process. LinkedIn has been a significant help for professionals and business owners alike in helping them find the next best step forward in achieving their career goals.

3. A wide selection of available job opportunities

As of late, LinkedIn has a list of over 58 million companies and 830 million members from around the world, leaving you with 149 industries to explore your career in! Notably, the list of industries belonging to the site’s top 25 includes information technology, financial and accounting services, marketing and advertising, and hospitality.

4. Exposure to an amazing community of professionals and executives

Another great thing about LinkedIn is that it connects you to the most influential people in the corporate world. There, you can find different kinds of personalities, including CEOs, business founders, professional coaches, analysts, and more. It’s the perfect platform to explore and broaden your influences, which could in turn help develop your professional skills. The site also provides the best opportunity to expand your network and increase your chances of landing your dream job.

5. Gain insights from various experts from around the world

LinkedIn is also a great platform where you can take a peek into the thought processes of successful professionals, especially industry leaders, apart from virtually following them. The platform also has a great feature that lets you see content from these experts, who are called “LinkedIn creators.” These content are curated to help you broaden your knowledge and wisdom as you further embark on your professional journey.

LinkedIn is indeed a powerful tool when it comes to boosting your career opportunities, and the earlier you learn to take advantage of its benefits, the more effective your career hunting strategies will be. The Toronto School of Management (TSoM), through its Career Services team, involves its students in activities that help them understand and navigate the LinkedIn platform. Check out our programs to learn more about what TSoM has to offer, and for further inquiries, reach out to us at [email protected].

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