The growth of experience tourism in Toronto

Experience tourism has gained popularity in recent years with many travellers looking to immerse themselves in a culture completely different from their own. Whereas previously, individuals were opting for the traditional package holiday, many are now searching for trips that allow them to learn something. A column in the Huffington Post recently revealed that 86% of millennials would rather experience a new culture rather than the 44% who want to party and 28% who want to shop.

Canada is a popular destination for tourists with beautiful cities such as Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec and Toronto. From the snowy slopes of Whistler to Banff National Park in Calgary, Canada has many amazing attractions to offer.

The city of Toronto tops any tourists list with over 43 million new visitors per year, as stated by CBC news. The city’s natural beauty, man-made attractions and friendly locals make it a great place for exploring.

Learn more about visiting Toronto and how experience tourism has gripped the city.

What is experience tourism?

The premise of experience tourism is to be involved in activities that allow you to engage with a different culture and understand what it might be like to live in that culture. The goal is to have experiences that in some way, transform or shape your life. You will ultimately learn to be more compassionate and sympathetic towards the lives of others.

Why is experience tourism growing in Toronto?

Apart from Toronto being a beautiful city that has scores of experiences to offer, here are the main reasons for tourism growth in Canada’s city.

  • Increase in the standard of living: Many families have more money to spare for travel and holidays due to increased economic growth in their countries. With people being able to afford more than one trip per year, many individuals are using their savings to embark on trips that they have always dreamt of.
  • More time for leisure and travel: With many modern companies allowing their employees to roll over their days off into the next year, an increasing number of people are taking longer vacations to experience new things. The popularity of freelancing in various professions also makes it possible for people to combine business with pleasure.
  • Increasing popularity of adventure tourism: People who want to experience the adventure of a lifetime can now turn to Toronto; the city has developed its touring facilities in the adventure tourism segment. You can experience the classic Canadian winter or witness the spectacular Niagara Falls within reasonable distance from Toronto.

Where can you sample experience tourism in Toronto?

If you want to try new experiences, here are a few Toronto tourist attractions that are sure to help you make some life-long memories:

  • The CN Tower: The CN Tower is an iconic landmark in Toronto and offers you a bird’s eye view of the city’s entire skyline. The tower is an alarming 365 metres! If you can conquer your fear of heights, the view from the tower will be etched in your mind forever.
  • Toronto Motorsports Park: If you love speed, the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in Toronto could become one of your favourite attractions. You can satisfy your love for speed legally and safely on the racetrack whilst fulfilling your dream of becoming a car racer for a day.
  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada: If you want to meet a giant stingray in person, Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto can help you fulfil this fantasy in a safe setup. You can see marine creatures up close, including sea turtles and tiger sharks to help you feel connected with the sea.
  • Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library: If your love for books is legendary among your family and friends, then you ought to visit the University of Toronto’s Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. Filled with more than 750,000 rare books, this attraction will surely be one of your sightseeing highlights! You will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go through volumes such as Charles Dickens’ hand-written letters.

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