How to get Scholarships to Study in Canada

How to get Scholarships to Study in Canada

Have you always dreamt of studying in Canada and exploring all the opportunities available in this beautiful and welcoming country? This could be possible given the many scholarships that are available to international students in Canada. But it is important that you familiarise yourself with all the options available before you start the application process. Read this blog to find out all about Canadian scholarships to help find out which suits you best.

Why study in Canada?

Canada is known for its superior education system and high-quality of life, which makes it a popular destination for international students. Canadians love to embrace different cultures from around the world, meaning that students gain global exposure throughout their studies, while also enjoying the opportunities to explore Canada’s beautiful landscapes. Additionally, according to rankings released by Safe Around, Canada is ranked as the seventh safest country in the world, with a safety index of 88.4.

Canada’s universities have become increasingly prominent over the last decade, with more and more students opting to pursue their studies in this vibrant country. In fact, due to this international interest, the country is now actively engaged in increasing the number of scholarships for graduate students.

Who is eligible for international scholarships?

If you are thinking of pursuing higher education in Canada, you should take time to ensure you meet the criteria before applying for a particular scholarship. It should be noted that prerequisites can vary between institutions and study programmes. For international students who are seeking Canadian scholarships, they should ensure to showcase three major attributes:

  • In addition, it should be noted that every international candidate belonging to a non-native English speaking country must have qualified the IELTS test with a minimum score of 5.5 in order to gain admission into a college.

An excellent academic background – Your scholarship will tend to depend on your previous academic studies, such as grades, college credits and extracurricular activities. If you have excelled in a particular subject, have a consistent academic track record or can show any passion that you have followed outside the curriculum, this will help you stand up among other candidates.

Leadership skills – Demonstration of leadership in high school, college or within the community can significantly help your application success and should therefore be mentioned.

An exceptional essay – In order to write a scholarship essay that will stand out, it should highlight three major aspects:

  • Your interest towards the particular degree you are applying to;
  • The reason for choosing Canada for your overseas studying;
  • Your aspiration to become a student of that Canadian university, such as Toronto School of Management (TSoM).

Types of scholarships in Canada for international students

Scholarships are extremely helpful as they reduce student debt, assist students with higher qualifications to reach prominent universities in an affordable manner and promote diversity. International students can apply for scholarships in Canada based on which of the following subtypes they fall into:

Merit scholarships – Students with proven academic excellence are considered for merit scholarships which help fund tuition fees as well as living expenses. It focuses on students that have excelled in academic, arts and/or sport.

Government-funded scholarships – The Canadian Government has several opportunities available for international students, including undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and postdoctoral scholarships. Financial support is provided by the Canadian government not only to students but also to professionals willing to pursue higher academics.

Country-based scholarships – Students from a selected list of developing nations are entitled to funding provided by universities in Canada and are therefore encouraged to apply.

University-specific scholarships – Mostly every college or university has its own scholarship and they tend to apply to domestic candidates but exceptional international candidates may also be considered from time to time.

Need-based scholarships – Those with unfavourably low family income and who seek financial help qualify for this scholarship. For years, need-based scholarships have successfully helped high-achievers overcome their economic disadvantages. It further includes special grants for women and single mothers.

Privately-funded scholarships – You will come across scholarships for international students funded by private organizations, based out of Canada. These third-party scholarships are available for:

  • Minorities;
  • Women;
  • Students from developing countries;
  • Fellow researchers.

How to apply for scholarships:

The application procedure is based on two factors, university requirements and screening criteria. Here are a few basic steps to be considered when applying for a scholarship:

  • Reading the rules and requirements not only helps in reducing mistakes during the application, but also the time taken for scholarship submission.
  • Before applying for scholarships online, make sure you have all your documents ready to uploaded, such as your highest qualifications, all certifications, ID proof and digital photographs.
  • You are expected to follow the guidelines for writing an effective scholarship essay, highlighting your strengths and illustrating your experiences. Scholarship reviewers tend to judge the students primarily based on their Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  • When it comes to references, it is essential to provide recommendation letters from your academic mentors who have overseen your period of studying.
  • It is important to mark the deadline of the scholarship on your calendar and complete it sooner rather than later.

Things to consider during scholarship application:

Eligibility checker – It is essential that the scholarship you are applying for suits your academic achievements and checking your eligibility is therefore crucial.

Uniqueness – Your unique approach towards expressing your aspirations will help you get an edge over your contemporaries.

Directness and simplicity – To increase the readability of a scholarship essay, the best practice is to plan effectively and avoid jargons or difficult phrases. Being transparent about your experiences will enhance the acceptability of your application by the university.

Scholarships are relatively competitive, with reviewers having to rifle through numerous applications before making their decision. It is therefore imperative that you do your utmost to stand out from the crowd with your application, in order to gain an interview. Toronto School of Management offers a range of bursaries and awards for both Canadian and international students. If you are considering applying for this prestigious college, you can find out all about the scholarships and courses offered here.