How can businesses use digital marketing to reverse the economic impact of COVID-19

The recent global pandemic has led governments to announce partial or complete shutdowns to curb the spread of the disease. This, in turn, has increased global internet usage by 70% according to a report by Forbes.

Now is the best time to start an online business, or boost your company’s online presence with the help of digital marketing, as this may result in a larger percentage of lead conversion. Redoubling your digital marketing efforts now can provide you with a competitive advantage over others.

Whether you are an experienced digital marketer or an aspiring one, this blog can help you enhance your company’s revenue with the help of a few simple digital marketing strategies. Read on to learn how your business can profit from online marketing strategies in the wake of COVID-19.

Digital marketing tips to help your company thrive

While a physical lockdown may not be suitable for many companies, having an online presence can be a silver lining for some businesses. An online brand not only maintains your relevance in the market, but can also increase your brand’s visibility as a result of increased online traffic.

Here are four digital business growth strategies that can help your company in reversing the negative economic impacts of COVID-19.

Do not reduce your digital marketing budget

During economic uncertainty revolving around a commercial shutdown, it may be necessary to cut down certain costs to maintain a positive cash flow. However, you may be making a mistake by cutting corners on your digital marketing budget. While this may make sense in the short-term, you’ll come to realize that this is a reactionary move, rather than a strategic one.

According to a Harvard review, businesses who re-invested in their digital campaigns during a recession, rather than cutting their costs, outperformed their rivals by 21% when the economy bounced back. Digital marketing can help you build a better sense of trust and connection with your customers during difficult times.

Audit your content

While a commercial shutdown can mean slow business, it can also provide you with ample time to conduct an extensive audit of your content. Making an inventory of all your webpages, emails, blog posts, videos etc. will give you the chance to freshen up your site by removing irrelevant or non-performing content. It can also help you track pages that need to be updated or optimized which can help promote your brand once business picks up.

Focus on your online reviews

Most consumers look for local businesses for supplies and services during a lockdown. Hence, using local SEO strategies can help optimize your business for ‘near me’ searches.

A great way to boost local SEO is through online reviews, as this is a great way to assure your customers that they matter, and can help you connect with them during a chaotic time.

Invest in PPC advertising

With more people at home browsing the internet, now’s a great time to focus on pay-per-click or PPC advertising. As other advertisers are choosing to go offline, paid marketing can help you regain traffic due to reduced competition. It can also provide you with an opportunity to grab a larger portion of market share which can help you dominate the market.

While supply chain interruptions, social distancing, and the impending economic depression can be serious deterrents for your business, a strong SEO strategy and digital marketing approach can ensure that your recovery time is fast.

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