Workplace trends for 2022 and beyond


The last couple years have brought big disruption to the workplace – adapting to shifting conditions in the wake of COVID-19, companies have made seismic changes to how they do business while employees have come to examine their priorities and what work-life balance means. With so much change underway, we thought it might be worth examining four workplace trends for 2022 and beyond.

Hybrid working

With so many employees working from home for so long during the pandemic, a large number of people in the workforce were able to find a work-life balance that suited their lifestyle. It should come as no surprise that after all this time working from home, 53% of people are considering transitioning to a hybrid work style by the end of 2022. Hybrid work is here to stay, and it’s up to companies to make this option available to their workers if they want to retain talent.

Flexible hours

Life happens. And the demands of life outside of work often require a work schedule that is flexible and can fit around a person’s needs. According to Forbes, work inflexibility is a key factor in the Great Resignation following the pandemic. With employees prioritising health, family, and wellness over work, companies that retain the most and best talent will be the companies that offer flexibility.

Diversity and Inclusion

Society at large is more aware than ever of fairness, equity and diversity, quick to hold companies accountable when they fall short. Major improvements to accessibility, accountability and racial equity need to be the focus of companies moving forward. Attracting and retaining employees from diverse backgrounds will be a top priority for companies in 2022 and beyond.

Learning and Development Opportunities

With a constantly evolving world, it should come as no surprise that workers want to update their skills and stay relevant in the workplace. 76% of employees say they are more likely to stay with a company that offers continuous learning. Learning and development opportunities provide employees with great confidence in the workplace, and allow companies to better retain talent. Learning and development opportunities will be a big factor for employees in 2022 and beyond when considering where they want to work.

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