Why is Canada a safer study destination for international students post-pandemic?

Despite some case numbers rising in different parts of the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has started to recede in most countries, including Canada. The country is well on its way to restoring economic growth from where it had previously slowed down.

This is good news for you if you have always wanted to study in Canada. Owing to the excellent education system and the country’s developed economy, Canada has attracted international students for many years. In fact, IRCC reports that 96% of foreign students in Canada recommend it as an excellent study destination.

As the Canadian government focuses on restoring normality, this might be a good time to re-visit your plan of pursuing higher education in Canada. While international travel is still to avoided when possible during the ongoing pandemic, the Canadian government is working hard to ensure your safety as a foreign student in the country when things return to normal and restrictions are fully lifted.

1.    Extending travel restrictions

The Canadian government has extended the current COVID travel restrictions to January 2021 to keep a check on the spread of the pandemic and avoiding another spike in cases. Under the current guidelines, all non-essential travel like recreation, tourism and entertainment are prohibited.

These stringent restrictions have had a positive effect on the control of the pandemic within the country. The overall recovery rate has improved and the curve has flattened in several provinces.

Just like the rest of the world, students in Canada are required to and will continue to be required to follow social distancing, wear a mask and regularly sanitize themselves.

2.    Releasing detailed guides for international students

IRCC has also released several guidelines to educate and inform the international students who are currently in Canada or are planning to travel to the country. The guide can tell you everything you need to know about the COVID situation before applying for a Canada student visa.

The guidelines have been aligned with the Public Health Agency of Canada. You can find useful information including your nearest healthcare facility or list of COVID-compliant institutions. You can also check the required documentation for travelling during this time.

3.    Coronavirus readiness plans in DLIs

The Canadian government is dedicated to ensuring the safety of local and foreign students alike. It is therefore only allowing those Canadian schools (Designated Learning Institutions) with Coronavirus readiness plans to accept study permit holders.

The plan should include information about the support to be given to international students in relation to how access items such as food and medicine during quarantine and key information on health insurance.

You can check the IRCC website for an updated list of DLIs that are currently accepting international students.

4.    Sending work and study permits by mails

The current travel restrictions have impacted many foreign students who are yet to receive their study or work permits, with many being unable to visit immigration offices due the risk of exposure or center closures.

The IRCC has recently opened a new web form portal that can allow you to apply for your Letter of Introduction online. Once you meet all the criteria, the new process will allow you to receive your Canadian study permit through the mail.

The measures in place have hopefully helped to reduce the concerns of parents and students across the world and ensue a feeling of hope for when the world returns to normal.

A recent CIC survey reports that 69% of foreign students are keen to resume their studies on-campus, consider Canada as a safe study destination and are satisfied with the measures taken by Canadian college authorities.

If you have already chosen your school or university, be sure to contact them and find out what they are doing to assist their international students during these challenging times. You can also log into the IRCC website to check the guidelines issued for international students who want to travel to Canada.


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