Why 2020 is the Year of Blended Learning

Technology has changed the way we acquire knowledge – making education more accessible to all. Education has undergone a revolution of its own and 2020 is a stark example of this. Technology will continue to be integrated into society and hence, students are making the wise choice of switching to new modules of learning.

The blended learning approach is a mixture of e-learning and traditional learning which is increasingly being adopted by educational institutes. This approach has naturally developed given the continuous need for an improved way of learning that focuses on the individual and is more accessible.

Blended learning brings together the best of both worlds – online study and face-to- face learning – helping students stay motivated and engaged. A comprehensive study done by ‘Project Tomorrow’ shows that this is effective and the study model of the future. Keep reading to understand why you must make the switch to blended learning this year.

Why blended learning?

Students often find the traditional classroom method of studies dull and monotonous. As each person has their own unique learning style, conventional ways no longer do the trick. By using technology and creating a mixture of teaching modules, the blended learning environment tailors to everyone’s needs. According to the U.S. Department of Education, this is the most effective method of learning as it deeply engages students, allows them to learn at their own pace and also brings elements of regular classroom education.

Students proactively participate when the teaching style matches their needs and show a keener interest in the curriculum. Given how skill-based programs and jobs have taken precedence, it has only become more important to make studies individual- specific. Hence, most Canadian institutes have integrated online learning with traditional teaching as suggested by the Canadian Digital Learning Research Association report.

The future of education platforms

Don’t mistake blended learning in higher education for a trend as it’s an evolved approach to education, suited to the future needs of students. The growing appetite for digital innovation is seen in all spectrums – education and business. Hence, it’s essential that the new generation of professionals have a hands-on approach to technology and are not reliant on old means, simply because they have worked so far.

The future is paving the way for big changes and education experts realise that the one-model-fits-all approach to studies will not work anymore. While a completely online model deprives one of physical interaction, the blended learning strategy incorporates everything into a complete package.

Creating experts starts early on through this type of application-based learning as it involves various skill-building activities and problem-solving techniques.

Advantages of blended learning

The blended learning system has several perks over conventional education which makes it a preferred option for many. Some of the reasons that support this way of learning are outlined below.

Unlimited access

Instead of having to wait to get the course materials, students can enjoy easy and complete access to all relevant modules at the click of a button. Students can go through the work at their preferred pace and can gain a thorough understanding of each topic.

Personalized attention

Blended classrooms suit everyone’s level of understanding and allow the teacher to pay individual attention to students. This way, teachers are able to connect and keep track of all questions and problems.

Peer collaboration

Among the many top blended learning benefits is the ability to be able to collaborate and engage in discussions with peers. You get to work with course participants, share feedback and enjoy an improved way of studying.


Another great perk of blended learning is that it’s pocket-friendly and affordable for students.

Improved efficiency

Using technology to learn things on your own makes one self-reliant. While students are guided, they have the independence to utilize study materials multiple times to build upon their knowledge.

Remote access

Blended learning allows students to study according to their own schedule and also offers in-class sessions. This makes learning both impactful and practical for all.

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