What should you know about Virtual Job Fairs?

Getting the right talent on board is crucial for an organisation’s growth and hence they continuously seek newer channels to hire skilful candidates. While there are multiple platforms for recruitment, and job fairs have been around for a long time, the pandemic poses many challenges. Bulk hiring and walk-ins for example are not acceptable in this scenario.

As the digital age progresses, it has changed the landscape for every vertical including recruitment. By making use of the digital space, a company can reach out to various qualified candidates virtually.

Individuals seeking new jobs can make the most of these virtual job fairs as it brings them the best opportunity in the comfort of their home. So, what exactly are virtual job fairs and how can job seekers benefit from them? Read on to find out!

What is a virtual job fair?

Getting noticed by a good organisation and landing a lucrative job is a dream come true for candidates. As competition in the market gets tougher and the pandemic makes the job search all the more difficult, an online job fair can be a great option for giving your career the right start.

You may be aware of traditional job fairs where various companies physically gather in one place to find qualified candidates to build their team. For many college or university students, this is an opportunity to shine, as many organizations carve out positions for recent graduates and discover new talent during this time.

Technological advancements have paved the way for virtual job fairs, which offers a dynamic solution that mimics in-person events. Virtual recruiting still offers job seekers an opportunity to connect with employers and form a lasting connection. Recruiters and candidates get to meet in various virtual spaces such as webcasts, chat rooms and more to discuss job openings.

The benefit of a virtual job fair

Currently as going for interviews physically can pose a risk to your health, an online job fair is a lifesaver. Not only will you have access to some of the best organisations at the click of a button, but you can also widen your job search as physical spaces are no longer a constraint.

There are several other benefits of online job fairs that have made them highly popular among candidates and recruiters, such benefits are discussed below:

Easy access

The most important advantage that virtual job fairs carry is that of accessibility. During the pandemic, people can’t risk their health travelling for interviews which makes it even more difficult for recruiters to find candidates with specific skill sets.

Hence, those hiring for narrowly defined industries like technology or healthcare find it easier to find the right candidate through online job fairs.

Making more connections

A Tech Talent Canada Virtual Job Fair which was held in April had organisations like Canada’s Communications Security Establishment, AlayaCare, Evertz as participants. They were joined by many more companies and job seekers from across the globe.

This is a golden opportunity for employers to pitch to the right audience and dive into a talent pool, and a time for candidates to gain exposure to potential employers in one place with minimal barriers. While there is certainly a possibility of you landing your dream job at such an event, it is also a great opportunity to get interviewed by prominent names and to build out your network within the industry.

Preparing for job fairs

A virtual job fair can be your ticket to success and hence it’s important for you to prepare well for it. Here are some tips that can be of great use in your next online job fair.

  1. Your profile speaks for you and hence needs to be updated with any relevant information. Optimise your profile and upload it on the right platforms to get noticed by employers.
  2. Go through the virtual fair detail page in advance to know more about all the employers who are participating. Also, read reviews left by others and try to book your session early so that you don’t miss out.
  3. Research is an important part of an interview and the same goes for virtual job fairs. Learn more about a company by reviewing their website and recent news articles on them.
  4. Job fair etiquette is essential when you are conversing with recruiters online. Make sure you are dressed professionally, your surroundings are clutter-free and there are no network issues and disruptions during the session.

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