What jobs have been created by tourism?

What jobs have been created by tourism

If you want to go into the field of tourism, you’ve picked a great time – and as globalization continues to increase, you could end up anywhere in the world.

However, you may also be wondering what your options are. Here are some interesting jobs in tourism to help you decide on your career path!


If you enjoy welcoming people and helping them feel at home, then you might want to become a concierge in a hotel.

A concierge is the first person that most guests meet. Their tasks tend to include things like answering questions, taking reservations, and recommending activities – but if you end up on the more luxurious side of the sector, you might find yourself with a few more outlandish requests!

Event manager

Working as an event manager will mean thinking on your feet and solving a lot of practical problems – everything from technical difficulties to spilled wine will be on your list!

However, it also means that you’ll get to meet a lot of different people and maybe even some celebrities, depending on what kind of events you decide to become involved in.

You could end up working in a conference center, concert hall, or festival spaces, so you can be sure that you’ll experience a lot of variety.

Restaurant general manager

For those who are keen to be in the food industry but don’t want to actually be in the kitchen, managing a restaurant could be a good compromise.

You will still need to know all about food (including important things like health and safety regulations), but you’ll also have a lot of customer service responsibilities: the last thing you want is a bad review!

Restaurants need a lot of staff and you’ll be in charge of them all, so you’ll need good leadership skills too.

Tour guide

This role is perfect if you are a confident public speaker with a great memory and no problem spending lots of time on your feet. Your main task will be showing groups of tourists around the important parts of town and keeping them entertained.

An interest in history can also be helpful in this job, as most places will have famous landmarks or buildings that visitors will want to know about – so be prepared to do a lot of research!

Does this kind of job sound right up your street? Then take a look at our hospitality and tourism courses to get started!

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