What Do International Students Need to Consider in Establishing a Career in Canada?

What Do International Students Need to Consider in Establishing a Career in Canada

Canada has always been one of the top destinations for international students who are willing to take their chances at improving the quality of their lives here in the country. Based on a survey by IDP Connect, Canada remains a popular choice amongst aspiring international students, as Canadian institutions hold a reputation for delivering quality education, along with a broad range of career opportunities that await after graduating.

If you’re an international student who’s just at the start of the line in carving your career path here in Canada, then this blog is here to help you out! In this piece, you’ll gain fundamental insights into the things you need to consider as you establish your career here in Canada.

Work permits for international students

Just like any other country, Canada has its own set of regulations for international students who wish to be part of the country’s job market. It’s important to keep in mind the labour policies required by the government for international students in order to be able to work here officially.

Perhaps the most important thing you should prepare is the application for a work permit. There are several types of work permits, such as the open work permit, which allows you to work for any employer in Canada, apart from certain particular conditions. Check here if you’re eligible to apply for an open work permit, as these are restricted only to specific situations. There’s also an employer-specific work permit, which allows you to work according to the terms stated in your work permit, including the name of your employer, your work location, and your working hours.

The post-graduation work permit, or PGWP, is eligible for international students who have graduated from a designated learning institution (DLI). Since not all DLIs are able to offer PGWP, one of the best routes to take is to pursue an academic pathway to an institution with PGWP and enter the job market with an even more extensive educational background.

Industry and career trends

Another important thing to take note of is the current trends in the industry you wish to enter. Being new to the competitive Canadian job market may seem daunting, but it has its own perks as well, especially if you’re armed with the right information to take advantage of the situation. Make sure to do some research on which roles in your chosen field are best suited to your background and skills, which companies are offering the best packages matching your competencies, which roles are starting to gain momentum in the industry, and the like. This information could help you take the lead in landing your desired job and plan your career path in the future.

Skills and qualifications

Assessment of your skills and qualifications also plays a key factor that you have to consider in establishing your career here in Canada. For instance, international students take programs such as the English for Academic Purposes program, or EAP, in order to further enhance their English and communication skills, which are some of the most important tools in passing job interviews, especially here in Canada. Co-op programs and capstone projects are good places to improve your professional skills as well. This time, you’ll be working in a more industry-specific setting, giving you the chance to show off and improve on the skills you learned in your academic program.

Networking opportunities

As an international student aspiring to be a part of Canada’s professional workforce, how you can expand your network is also important in establishing your career. Networking allows you to expand your network of contacts, whether they are schoolmates, coworkers, or hiring managers in your field of interest. Your network is an extension of the opportunities that could be available to you. The best venues to build your network include job fairs and conventions, as well as professional settings in the digital space, such as LinkedIn.

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