TSoM Launches Capstone Project

The Capstone Project is a final piece of work, giving you the chance to present all you have learnt over the course of your program, based on an area of interest you’d like to pursue professionally. This will help learners build a strong portfolio for themselves with references and feedback from tutors to present to future employers.

The project can take a number of forms and can be completed individually or as part of a group with other learners. You’ll get the chance to apply your Program Learning Objectives and a mentor will be assigned for the project – a faculty member – for assistance and to grade the final work.

What you will gain
Upon completion, you will be able to:
Integrate key program concepts


Evaluate and provide a solution by:


  • Identifying opportunities and/or problems
  • Evaluating existing processes
  • Assessing workflow
  • Determining requirements to address opportunities/problems, evaluating alternatives and recommending an appropriate solution
  • Developing a plan for implementing, maintaining, and supporting the solution
Project mentor

After students receive a confirmation of acceptance for the project, they will be connected to their mentor – you cannot start a project without an appointed mentor who will:

  • Meet with you regularly to provide guidance
  • Help you prepare a feasible project plan
  • Keep a watch on the weekly checkpoints agreed upon
  • Provide feedback after the mid-point evaluation
  • Grade the Project Report
  • Inform the Academic Manager about your progress

Students can produce a Capstone Project in lieu of a co-op work placement. Yevgeniy Demchuk, Associate Director of Academic Services said: “The Capstone Project will give students the chance to integrate all they have learnt with us, and this will form part of their professional portfolio with the support and recommendation of a subject matter expert to ensure students start their careers with success.”

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