What are your career options after a business administration degree?

Career options after a business administration degree

Business administration courses are very useful for giving you a wide range of skills, and they can prepare you for a lot of different roles in almost any sector.

Read on to find out more about the variety of jobs for business administration graduates.

What will you learn?

At most schools and colleges, including Toronto School of Management (TSoM), a Diploma in Business Administration includes an overview of all the key facets of an organization: finance, human resources, marketing, sales, and management are all topics that will be covered.

This is because the aim https://www.torontosom.ca/programs/business/diploma-in-business-administration-co-opof these courses is to give you skills that can be applied across an entire organization, helping you to contribute in any area. You’ll computer skills, bookkeeping and accounting skills, how to manage different professional relationships, key marketing principles, decision-making skills, and a lot more.

If you want to succeed in business but you’re not sure where you want to specialize, this program can help you pinpoint what kind of career you want.

What jobs could you apply for?

There are a huge range of roles that you could be suited for after learning everything on a business administration curriculum. These include:

  • Office managerIf you find that your skills lie in organization and communication, you may find that a position as an office manager suits you best. This job usually includes taking care of day-to-day organizational needs, such as managing the front of house (i.e. receptions), ordering supplies, and making visitors to the office feel welcome. You’ll need to be able to work in a team and by yourself, using processes and systems to help you coordinate all the different tasks that are need to keep an office running smoothly.
  • Financial assistantFor those who have a good head for numbers, the financial side of things is a great place to start your career – and it can be very lucrative as well. You would be responsible for preparing and submitting a range of financial reports, proposals, and spreadsheets, so you will need to be able to handle large amounts of financial data. This role also requires great attention to detail, as getting just a few figures wrong could affect decision-making throughout the business.
  • Administration officerIn this role, you will need to be comfortable with lots of paperwork: you’ll be in charge of various reports and databases. You will also be the first point of contact for queries from your colleagues, especially concerning calendars, appointments, and correspondence. This job is best for people who enjoy having responsibility and are good at planning and multi-tasking.

Do these jobs sound like they’d suit you? Then check out TSoM’s business administration co-op program!


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