Securing a successful job in the middle of covid-19

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected industrial sectors across the world. Even with the lockdown being lifted partially or completely in some countries, the employment sector is yet to witness the positive impact of the ease on restrictions.

It can be easy for a recent graduate or working professional to become apprehensive about the availability of rewarding and well-paid roles in the current times. However, the situation is not as bad as it seems as many sectors are continuing to hire new people, regardless of the circumstances, while some have even amped up their recruitment processes.

If you are currently looking for a job and want to secure an exciting role in the corporate sector, this blog is the ideal blog to read. Apart from listing some career domains that are booming under present circumstances, it also provides you with useful tips to successfully secure a job in these unprecedented times.

What are the job opportunities available right now?

Even though most industries have temporarily halted or scaled down their operations, many sectors such as healthcare are hiring more people to compensate for the increased demand for their services. Here are a few promising sectors where you can find plenty of job opportunities.

·      Digital learning companies: Major schools and colleges across the world are adopting online learning formats and are becoming increasingly dependent on digital learning companies to develop the appropriate tools and software. As such, the employment opportunities are rising in this sector.

·      Digital marketing companies: The lockdown has drastically increased the internet usage across the world. With the entire planet shifting towards a digital economy, digital marketing companies are the biggest allies of large organisations and industries in increasing their business. Hence, there is tremendous scope for employment in this industry. The Toronto School of Management offers a Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op that can provide students with the right footing to enter this industry.

·      Accountancy and bookkeeping firms: With organisations switching their usual modes of business and with new financial rules and regulations around the corner, companies are on the lookout for reliable accountancy firms that can help them maintain a positive cash flow. TSoM offers Preparatory Course for ACCA which is one of the most reputed accountancy qualifications in the world. These courses and the ACCA qualification can allow you to pursue your career from any part of the world.

·      Retail grocery outlets and delivery services: Retail grocery outlets are the primary sources for essential items in present scenario. Owing to the increased footfall in these stores, retail outlets are also increasing their recruitment drives.

You can pursue business management courses to learn how to handle the day-to-day of a retail or a grocery store. TSoM has a relevant Diploma in Business Management Co-op which can be a great way to get your foot in the door.

·      Hospitals and clinics: With the healthcare sector being on the frontline of combating the pandemic, there is a constant increase in the demand for qualified healthcare professionals to deal with the rising number of cases. Even if you’re not from a medical background, it is possible to pursue management positions in hospitals and pharmaceuticals with a management degree under your belt. The Diploma in Business Administration Co-op can be a good starting point for a managerial career in the healthcare domain.

·      Cybersecurity companies: Global crises such as pandemics often act as the perfect breeding spots for large-scale cybercrimes. With companies having to focus more on their finances, cybersecurity companies are finding their hands full with an increase in demand for clients and business. Pursuing the Diploma in Cybersecurity Specialist Co-op is a great way to gain the professional and technical expertise needed to start a career in a cybersecurity company.

·      Data analytics companies: Analysis of large-scale data has been the foundation of business decisions even before the onset of the pandemic. However, with more people working remotely on their computers, the amount of data being generated has increased dramatically. Data analytics companies are also making huge contributions towards the research on the spread of the pandemic by analysing the data from hospitals and healthcare centres. Pursuing a Diploma in Data Analytics Co-op will allow you to capitalise on this boom in the analytics industry.

How can you find a job in present circumstances?

If you are looking for new opportunities in or outside the line of your work, here are a few useful suggestions that can help you land certain job vacancies.

Update your resume and skills


Limited jobs in the market have increased the competition. As such, your resume should reflect a broad range of technical and business skills in addition to a degree from a reputed college or any relevant experience which could give you an edge over others.

Clean up your online presence


These days, employers also judge your personality from your social media accounts even before they call you for an interview. Apart from an impressive resume, you should ensure that your professional platform accounts like LinkedIn are up to date. You should also scroll through your social accounts and remove any controversial or offensive content that might reflect poorly on you.

Practice for potential interviews


Have a look online at the industries which are currently booming and see if they match your professional experience or academic background. Even if an expanding domain might not be directly applicable to you, you can still search for positions that match your background. You should also research background information of your preferred companies and identify potential gaps in their skill sets that you could fill.

In these unprecedented times, it makes sense to pursue a career in promising technological domains such as digital marketing, cybersecurity and data analytics in addition to more mainstream options like finance and accountancy.

The Toronto School of Management offers innovative professional courses in digitally and technologically relevant domains. These programs are suitable for those who want make productive use of current circumstances to enhance their career prospects within these promising domains.

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