Reasons why ACCA is instrumental for career progression

TSoM 5 reasons why ACCA is instrumental for career progression

Having proficient accountants is important in any business, making the field a stable and increasingly popular career path to pursue. In fact, an IRCC report suggested that more than 79,600 new job openings can be expected to open up for financial auditors and accountants over the period of 2019-2028.

As economies around the world begin to recover from the pandemic, the need for experts to maintain and examine financial records is likely to increase.

This is good news for students and professionals keen to enter the accounting sector. A well-known qualification like ACCA can not only open doors of opportunity in various job positions but can also equip you for a stable and lucrative career ahead.

Why study ACCA 

ACCA refers to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and is a globally recognized body consisting of 227,000 fully qualified members, a number that is set to rise over the next few years.

As the world’s leading body for professional accountants, the ACCA qualification is highly sought after employers within a number of sectors as well as businesses, educational establishments and even governments.

Due to its credibility and strong focus on nurturing the best talent, ACCA is regarded widely as one of the strongest path for career growth. We’ve outlined the reasons why below.

Tool for career progression

An ACCA qualification will significantly boost your career prospects as well as your earning potential. Here are the top five factors that explain how pursuing an ACCA course will have a positive impact your career.

Transferable knowledge– Most students will seek certifications such as ACCA to develop their understanding of the business world whilst building transferable skills like time management and task management.

Students are taught essential business knowledge as well as key skills that will help them succeed beyond the classroom and meet the demands of the dynamic financial sector. The fundamentals of the ACCA curriculum includes everything from knowledge of management accounting to strategic business leadership, preparing students for a number of financially rewarding job roles.

Stand out from the competition– Due to the key role that accountants play in the business world, employers will always be on the lookout for professionals trained in this area.

An ACCA qualification will help you thrive in the increasingly competitive job market, ensuring you stand out as a professional who has proficient business knowledge and accounting skills.

Offers vast career prospects – Choosing the ACCA qualification preps you for a variety of job roles such as risk manager, business accountant, treasurer, financial analyst and more, but most importantly it also gives you the freedom to be selective.

Accounting and finance is a very diverse field and, with an ACCA degree, you don’t have to restrict your job choices. Candidates can choose to work with top ACCA recruiters such as Abbott, PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC or Credit Suisse, or even follow their entrepreneurial dreams.

Networking opportunities – Being a member of ACCA comes with many perks such as gaining access to extensive networking opportunities with global agencies that are attuned to your skillset and needs.

ACCA has recognized partners known as ACCA Approved Employers who support members or even trainees by offering them a conducive working environment. Some major names in this list include Accenture, American Express Services Europe, Apex Group and more.

Instant recognition– Building up your CV for the modern business world requires substantial educational credentials. To get hired by notable names, you have to make the right impression and your ACCA degree will do exactly that.

The status that one earns with acquiring the ACCA qualification makes them globally recognized and this is a major requisite to land job interviews with some of the biggest industry players.

The ACCA qualification is a great step towards achieving your career goals and hence you have to completely commit to preparing for the ACCA exams. You should make sure to study with one of ACCA’s trusted Gold Learning Partner, such as Toronto School of Management (TSoM) which offers a Preparatory Course for ACCA Examination. With extended study hours and step-by-step guidance on every topic, the program will equip students with an in-depth understanding of the ACCA curriculum.