Popular neighbourhoods for international students in Toronto

When looking for housing options as a new international student in Toronto, you need to look out for basic necessities such as accessibility, flexible sharing terms, affordable rent, and a safe environment. These factors play an important role in your student life. If you’re in search for the best locations to choose for your place here in Toronto, this blog will help you.

There are plenty of popular and student-friendly neighbourhoods across Toronto with housing facilities that might be perfect for you.  Read on to know the best housing locations available in the city for international students.

Downtown Area

    1. The Annex is a very popular and lively neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is relatively expensive than other places but its main attraction is its ease of access to the many eateries, bars, and cafes, especially on the Bloor Street West.
      There are also some iconic places around the vicinity like Lee’s Palace rock concert venue, Roger Cinema, the Royal Ontario Museum which showcases the best of Canadian art and natural history, and many others. The homes here are stately residential properties with well-made streets full of life.
    2. Kensington Market is a great place that once used to be an extensive student’s residential neighbourhood. It’s a diverse place with reasonably priced housing choices.
    3. If you’re a student who wants to get a place for yourself without sharing, then Garden District is the best place for you. You could always share with one or two roommates if you ever change your mind.
    4. Dufferin Grove is another neighbourhood that offers moderately priced rent for students. A major attraction in this neighbourhood is its innovative community park, which includes a live theatre, a music circle, community activities such as summer music festivals, as well as arts and craft classes.
    5. Seaton Village is mostly a family-oriented neighbourhood and a very close-knit area, making it a safe and desirable place. Being a quiet neighbourhood, it has fewer entertainment venues compared to other areas.
    6. Baldwin Village would be a great choice for international students in Toronto who love frequenting restaurants and bars. There are also plenty of cafes that are quite affordable.


Scarborough Area

    1. If you’re looking for an area full of outdoor activities, Morningside could be a good fit for you. However, it offers limited transport options.
    2. Agincourt South-Malvern is a diverse neighbourhood and has grown in popularity in recent years. Agincourt is home to a largely Asian population, together with East Indian and Indo Pakistani communities.
    3. You can also live on Bendale neighbourhood, a residential area with a diverse population. An ideal location, it’s accessible to public transport systems like the TTC and Go Transit Lines, as well as shopping and recreational spots.


The North End

  1. York University Heights is a great student neighbourhood.  Although it’s a popular choice among many students, there are few public transportation options available in the area.
  2. Bathurst Manor is a neighbourhood with excellent public transport facilities and is largely made of subdivisions. It’s accessible to both the bus routes and the Downsview subway station, making it a very ideal location for students.
  3. Hillcrest Village is also a preferable student neighbourhood as it has a variety of housing facilities. Hillcrest is closer to the downtown area.
  4. L’Amoreaux is a neighbourhood that has plenty of housing options feasible for students, whether you want to live alone or would like to share with roommates. The rent here is also very affordable.
  5. Don Valley Village is also a great neighbourhood for students. It hosts quaint, affordable, and accessible housing choices which are near college campuses. It is also very convenient for students who are always on the lookout for a place to hang out. The neighbourhood is close to Fairview Mall, providing several entertainment options for students.
  6. Etobicoke – There are multiple housing options in Etobicoke for students such as the Kingsview Village, Claireville, Smithfield or Mount Olive, New Toronto, and Long Branch. The suburb is home to several stores and theatres, including great venues for outdoor activities like the Etobicoke Creek Trail and the Woodbine Race Track.
  7. The Westway in Kingsview Village is full of green spaces and a lot of entertainment options. It is filled with residential areas that mainly consists of high-rise apartment buildings.
  8. Mount Olive-Silverstone-Jamestown and New Toronto neighbourhoods consist of family homes, together with high-rise condos and apartments. Students here can enjoy amenities such as the community park with an outdoor pool.
  9. Long Branch is one of many lakefront communities in Toronto. While the area is limited with options for entertainment venues, it makes up for areas full of greenery and destinations where you can relax.

TSoM offers a wide range of housing options for its international students, designed to fit for their needs and budget. For a more comprehensive list of convenient places to live in while studying at TSoM, click this link or reach out to our Student Services team, and they would be happy to assist you.