How to write a good cover letter

How to write a good cover letter

This post will introduce you to the art of cover letter writing. Whether you’ve written them hundreds of times, or not at all, this post is bound to give you some extra tips.

Although your résumé highlights to employers your professional experience, your cover letter will give employers an insight into who you are and what makes you stand out from the competition.

Some secrets to success:

Don’t repeat what’s on your résumé

There’s no need to highlight your professional experience again. Instead, pick out certain skills you picked up at your last gig and explain how you used them to carry out your job effectively. Also mention, how those same skills can help you with the position you’re applying to.

You can also mention soft skills here like teamwork, presenting, etc.

Write freely

Whereas a résumé is usually made up of bullet points, a cover letter allows you to write full sentences. This means you can expand on the best points of your résumé, as well as include things that couldn’t be mentioned, due to space restrictions.

Get the advice of someone you trust

Once you think your masterpiece is ready, present it to someone you trust for feedback. They can advise you if it’s attractive enough and if your personality shines through. A trusted friend/relative will be able to provide constructive feedback.

The Careers Service at the Toronto School of Management can also be relied upon for help.

Don’t be generic

Remember, employers will have likely looked through tens, maybe hundreds of cover letters by the time they come across yours. But don’t be put off; you’re a unique person, so show that on paper too. Include anecdotes to make the piece more personal or make the employer laugh. Small things like this are bound to get you noticed.

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