How to Study for the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam

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Students usually have to take verbal and quantitative ability tests when applying for admission to universities. One such test for this purpose in Canada is the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE). Read the following blog post to get an in-depth idea about this exam.

What is the Wonderlic SLE?

The Wonderlic SLE is a test that contains verbal, logical, and quantitative questions. It is similar to an IQ test and helps in determining if you should be admitted into a university or a training programme. There are several versions of this test, like:

  • Wonderlic SLE;
  • Wonderlic SLE Pre-test;
  • Wonderlic SLE QuickTest;
  • Wonderlic SLE Cognitive Ability Test.

Wonderlic SLE measures applicants’ cognitive ability to help predict their success in exams. It is used to ascertain how quickly a student can understand instructions or learn new concepts. This test has 50 questions and it has to be completed in 12 minutes. This test measures the reading, reasoning, and arithmetic skills of a student.

The Wonderlic set of exams are divided into two groups, which are:

  • Employees:
    • Quicktest (WPT-Q);
    • Personnel Test (WPT-R);
    • Basic Skills (WBST);
    • Personality Tests.
  • Students:
    • Scholastic Level Pre-Test (SLE-Q);
    • Scholastic Level Exam (SLE);
    • Placement Test.

Who should take the Wonderlic SLE?

This test is preferred by academic institutions and corporate organisations for admission, placement, and joining purposes. For example, the police, as well as nursing programmes, use this test to judge candidates for admission. So if you are planning to join any such institution, you can consider taking Wonderlic SLE.

Exam pattern of Wonderlic SLE

The Wonderlic test is fast-paced and it would be beneficial to familiarise yourself with the various categories included in the test. Take a look at these categories and their allocation in the test:

  • General facts and quick recognition (20%);
  • Logic questions (20%);
  • English knowledge (40%);
  • Word problems (20%).

The difficulty level of the questions increase as the test progresses. It would be advantageous for you to attempt all the questions even if you guess some answers. Some of the question types in the Wonderlic test include:

  • Word comparisons;
  • Antonyms;
  • Graphs;
  • Simple mathematics;
  • Sentence forming;
  • Folding boxes;
  • Date and time;
  • Rotational series.

How are scores calculated in Wonderlic SLE?

Wonderlic scores are calculated based on the number of correct answers given by a student. Each question in this test is worth one mark, so the highest score a student can achieve is 50. According to the website, test prep, the average score in this test is approximately 22. The site, Beat the Wonderlic, states that only 2% of applicants are able to complete the entire exam.

The Wonderlic scores vary from one profession to another. The minimum scores required in different professions, according to a Wonderlic Test Sample are:

  • Accountant: 28
  • Copywriter: 27
  • Investment analyst: 27
  • Salesperson: 25
  • Nurse: 23
  • Bank teller: 22
  • Cashier: 21

How to prepare for Wonderlic SLE?

Below are some tips that can help you during the Wonderlic test prep. Take a look:

  • Buy a study guide: study guides are a good way to prepare for the Wonderlic SLE as they help students in thinking logically and the answers provided have been explained properly.
  • Brush up on English: English constitutes almost half of the Wonderlic test (40%), hence it would be advantageous for you to focus on practising English in the form of comprehensions and improving vocabulary. It is also recommended to learn new words from the dictionary on a daily basis.
  • Revise mathematics basics: knowing the fundamentals of mathematics help examinees in performing well in the Wonderlic SLE. It would be beneficial for examinees to practice mental mathematics problems every day to keep their brain focused and sharp.
  • Take practice tests: solving practice tests is a good way to improve your speed for the Wonderlic SLE. This is because most of the challenges faced by examinees in this test are time-related. They only get 14.4 seconds on an average to complete each question. However, that being said, applicants might take less or more time to answer the questions, depending upon the difficulty level.

Books for practising for the Wonderlic SLE

Take a look at some of the books you can refer to during your Wonderlic test prep:

  • Secrets of the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam Study Guide;
  • The Complete Guide to the Wonderlic SLE;
  • ApplyKit’s Guide for the Wonderlic SLE;
  • Wonderlic SLE Pocket Prep;
  • Wonderlic Exam Practice Questions & Review for the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam.

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