How to stay in the best mental shape while dealing with COVID-19

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus has brought most of the world to a standstill, and just like other life situations, COVID-19 can have a physical and mental impact, making it all the more important to stay holistically fit.

The phrase ‘mind over matter’ sums up the enormous strength of our brain muscle. If we remain functional and healthy, meeting challenges will become easier. Through this blog, we’ll highlight the power of the mind in influencing our overall wellbeing and provide tips on how to stay healthy.

Meditate your stress away

Working out regularly during lockdown ensures we remain active, and physical movement can give us a boost and pump oxygen to our brain, helping us to remain calm, even during turbulent times. Essential for strong mental health, meditation reduces blood pressure and can help us deal with anxiety – a by-product of a stressful environment.

Stick to a schedule

Letting go of yourself and permitting lethargy to slip in is another common occurrence which should be avoided. Staying in doesn’t mean forsaking a schedule and letting your day just pass by. Ensure that you wake up early and eat on time in order to keep your mental and physical health in check and to prevent stagnancy of mind.

Unleash your creativity

Art, of all forms, is a great stimulant for the brain as it activates creativity and engages our senses, enhancing our mood as it releases dopamine – the hormone responsible for making us happy. If you possess an artistic flair, this is a good time to take out your paint brushes, musical instruments and other tools.

Taking up a craft is among the best ways to stay healthy and occupied. If you’re not much of a creative, take up cooking!

Learn something new

Learning new things activates your thinking process to help you stay in the best mental shape. The extra time that you now have on your hands can be used to learn a new language or skill with the help of online courses.

A benefit of enrolling for a course right now is that you’ll have gained new skills to use at work or college. Taking up activities to improve mental health is hugely beneficial for all – no matter how old you are or what you do.

Pick up a book

Books have the ability to take us on an adventure from the comfort of our chair and now’s the best time to take advantage of this. Pick up your favourite novel or an e-book to give your mind some literary fulfilment. Reading will improve your mental health and vocabulary!

Laugh a lot

Due to Coronavirus, we are constantly bombarded with negative news, resulting in further stress. A little cheer can really help lighten our mood, be it in the form of comic stand-ups or an old, nostalgic cartoon series. Laughter helps our immune system as it reduces stress and increases infection-fighting antibodies.

Eat healthy

Eating right is counted among good mental health tips as certain foods can directly impact our mood. Fresh fruits like banana and berries and fibre-rich food like oats can boost your mood. They will also keep your digestive system in good shape and lift your energy levels. Make sure that you stick to a healthy diet and don’t binge-eat during lockdown.

Sleep like a baby

Sleeping well is excellent for your mental health as it heals and repairs your heart and blood vessels. It also helps you enter a relaxed state of mind and reduces irritability, blood pressure and other unhealthy issues.

Finally, always be grateful for all the good that surrounds you, spend quality time with your family, cherish your health and stay positive.

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