How to Create an Organized Home Study Space

Slumping on your favourite couch sounds very tempting when studying online, but it’s not an ideal place for focused work. Be it a physical classroom or online learning, the right space and environment has a great impact on productivity. That’s why putting some effort in selecting a dedicated learning space is important. To make things simpler, here’s a list of effective tips that can help you get the most out of your digital learning.

Choose the right space

Psychology says that the right environment – light, temperature and noise has an emotional impact on an individual. Classrooms are designed keeping this in mind, and while the same cannot be replicated at home, we must begin with a suitable place. A room that is airy, spacious, quiet and comfortable makes for an ideal learning environment. It’s also important to ensure that you have the right equipment in place – such as a desk, chair and PC.

Minimise distractions

The constant notifications on social media, phone calls and interference by family and friends are enough to put you off track. This prevents you from concentrating on your online classes and paying attention to your teacher. It’s best to turn off your phone, tablet and log off from social media sites while you are engaged in online learning, and tell others in your home or dorm to not disturb you.

Keep supplies nearby

Making frequent trips to get necessary things like pens, notepads and markers will hamper your studies. Keep essential materials nearby and if you’re using a laptop, ensure its fully charged. Having an outlet for charging, power cord and uninterrupted internet access is also necessary to make the most of your virtual learning experience. You can also use headphones to attend sessions and block out all outside noises.

Supportive environment

A sense of community building creates a supportive virtual learning environment where you can connect with teachers or fellow students easily. Joining discussion groups will add to a more classroom-like environment and makes learning more engaging.

Make a schedule 

Virtual spaces offer flexibility and allow you to design your own timetable. Among effective online learning tips is setting up a schedule that helps you stay up-to-date with course topics, assignments and submission dates. You can further divide this into daily, weekly and monthly schedules for target-based learning with the help of apps such as iStudiez Pro Legend. This way, you’ll be on top of your workload and won’t feel overburdened. Also, ensure that you take a good amount of breaks and engage in other activities to stay fresh and in the best shape.

Keep your space clean

A conducive learning environment for students is one that’s clutter-free, looks appealing and gives you access to important tools that you’ll need. This means you don’t have to shuffle through untidy piles of paper to find your notepad or hard copies of your assignments. Neat, well-organized spaces also keep a student’s mind distraction-free and helps you focus better.

Stick to a routine

To fully participate in your online courses, set up a routine and dedicate regular hours to daily studies. For this, you can use apps like IStudiez to help you track your schedule and homework. Studying in allotted hours will give you a classroom-like environment, making you more productive and committed towards your education.

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