How Canada is remodelling itself as a post-pandemic top study destination

The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily deterred the plans of international students preparing to study in Canada. The country, known for its brilliant educational infrastructure and notable business courses, has directed the careers of many professionals in the past. Now, as the nation once again opens its doors to students from all over the world, your dream of studying in Canada can soon become a reality.

While initial scepticism is understandable, it’s commendable to see how Canada has left no stone unturned to ensure safety. Putting health measures at the forefront, the country has made steady developments to bring back normalcy post-pandemic. Initiatives in the economic sector are being undertaken by the government to help boost the market and academic institutes are resuming studies on-campus.

This blog explores all the reasons why Canada is a top study destination for students and highlights factors that make it a safe destination to travel to.

Recovery from the health crisis

The pandemic has had a global impact but Canada is among those nations on the road to full recovery from the crisis. According to Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, half the COVID-19 patients in the country are healthy and free from the virus.

The overall recovery rate is witnessing a milestone with the curve flattening in various provinces. Lab tests are continuously conducted to ensure that the positive growth rate doesn’t decline. Amidst this, the country remains vigilant and Canadians are adhering to protocols on social distancing, wearing masks and sanitizing.

Continued efforts and perseverance have resulted in the decline of virus cases with authorities being keen on maintaining this trajectory. Safety in Canada, in terms of healthcare, is given utmost importance. According to infectious diseases specialist, Dr Isaac Bogoch, Canada, like other nations, has a long way to go, but it’s still faring better than the rest of the world.

Economic recovery

Even during the pandemic, trade activities were not completely stalled in Canada. Trade markets around the world ensured the nation had a steady flow of goods and this kept a market crisis at bay.

Moreover, Canada being a leading, developed nation, met all the challenges in a positive and transformative manner. The innovative government programs initiated during the pandemic became a gateway for new opportunities for all. Under the program, many new innovators and solution providers received funding to build a strong and reliable prototype for their individual business idea. This was instrumental in further strengthening technological growth within the country.

According to CIC News, the Canadian economy has made a fast recovery since lockdown restrictions were lifted. Around 953,000 workers have safely resumed work and the labor market has recovered by 40%.

Also, the government has now shifted its focus to attracting the brightest minds into this top study destination by prioritising the education sector and ensuring safe travel into the country.

Why choose Canada for your studies?

Ranked third among top study destinations in an official ranking by ICEF monitor, Canada has always been a preferred destination for students. The nation has been accepting applications for studies even during lockdown and is now relaxing travel restrictions to ensure students can attend classes in-person.

While everyone travelling to Canada will have to undergo self-isolation for a limited period, they will also be given compensation. International students will soon get access to the ‘Canada Emergency Response Benefit’ which will provide them with $2,000 per month. The working hours for students which were previously 20 hours will be extended to 40 hours for many occupations.

Many universities have begun the first phase of reopening their campus following government directives. Keeping safety protocols in mind and ensuring student safety, studies are set to resume soon. Social distancing and all other precautions will be followed strictly inside campuses.

A survey conducted by CIC news shows that 69% of students are keen to commence their studies on-campus amidst the new relaxed protocols, and they consider Canada the best place to study, and are at ease with the measures taken by authorities.

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