Five digital marketing trends you can’t ignore in 2020

Digital marketing is a versatile industry that is constantly experiencing change. In 2019, the field saw many new strategies being introduced including personalised marketing and voice search. However, the start of a new decade has brought new trends and technology. In order to have an impact on this exciting industry, it’s important you’re aware of the top trends for 2020.

Digital marketing trends that will dominate 2020:

One word that sums up changes in the digital marketing world is ‘drastic’. This industry moves at a lightning speed and holds impact like no other. The primary reason is that it is directly linked with technological change in the market. Our world is driven by technology; digital platforms are an extension of that. As a business owner or a new age marketer, it is integral that you have an in-depth understanding of the ever-evolving digital trends.

  • Influencer marketing 

Audiences have become smarter and more aware in the present era. They do not simply rely on corporate advertising to know the worth of a product or service. Influencers have the power to sway an audience’s opinion by having massive amounts of followers on social media platforms and connecting well with them.

Recommendations made by influencers strike a chord with consumers and often influence their buying decisions. Many major brands approach influencers to help them spread awareness of their products. Some famous names in this domain include fashion stylist Laura Hunt, lifestyle and social activist Ayana Lage and gamer Markiplier.

  • Artificial intelligence

A.I is no longer limited to sci-fi movies and are fast becoming a part of our regular lives. Businesses are employing this technology to be revolutionary in the market. Nike, Starbucks and Amazon are some of the big names who have leveraged artificial intelligence for marketing purposes.

Amazon is an emerging leader in this sphere as it has boldly employed A.I. in checkout-free physical stores in Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco. Even Google ads make use of A.I. to understand consumer behaviour and gauge audience responses to advertising. Marketers are making use of this technology for content creation, product recommendations, e-commerce transactions and more. In a blink of an eye, A.I. has taken over global industries and their operations.

  • Video marketing 

Video marketing was big in 2019 and has carved out a place for itself amongst notable marketing tools. The tool will continue to be just as popular in 2020. YouTube is the biggest name in this industry, though, other platforms such as live broadcast on Facebook and Instagram are also widely used.

Videos increase organic search traffic, hence making it imperative companies devise a good video marketing strategy for promoting any brand.

  • Voice search

According to marketing guru Neil Patel, voice search is going to be the ruling digital marketing trend of 2020. This tool gained popularity in the previous year and will continue to be just as popular. It is likely that 50 percent of search queries will be driven by voice search which implies that business owners need to capitalise on this trend. Leveraging this would help business owners to boost sales and stay ahead of the competition in the market.

  • Conversational marketing

A business must be approachable and be able to connect and communicate with its audience. Clients want their needs heard and seek a clear, precise answer to their queries.

Hence, chatbots, which have been around for a while, have been programmed to change their conversational style from monosyllabic, stilted responses to more interactive. This helps businesses stay available 24/7 ensuring they build a real-time connection with their clients.

Staying updated with digital marketing trends can help your business grow and stay relevant. This domain is vast and offers promising potential. If you are looking to pursue a career in digital marketing, then Toronto School of Management’s Diploma in Digital Marketing can help you achieve a stable footing in your career.