Fascinating Facts About Canada


Canada is a huge nation, full of great history and culture. Here are some interesting facts about Canadians and Canada:

  1.  Canadians are recognized to be among the nicest people on the planet, and Canada is known as the friendliest country in the world.
  2.  Canadians love sports and have made substantial contributions to the evolution of modern ice hockey.
  3.  Canada is committed to multiculturalism, with laws and programs that promote diversity and inclusion.
  4.  Tim Hortons is a well-known coffee and doughnut chain that is particularly beloved by Canadians.
  5.  Canada enjoys a high standard of living, a robust economy, and low unemployment rates.
  6.  Canada has a total of 6 time zones! Being the second largest nation on the planet, it’s no wonder!
  7.  For 32 years, Ontario’s CN tower was the world’s tallest freestanding building. The communications tower was overtaken by the Burj Khalifa, UAE in 2007 and Canton tower, China. Despite this, it still plays a major role in the country’s tourism.
  8.  The country enjoys the world’s longest coastline, bordered by 3 oceans: Atlantic Ocean, Arctic, and Pacific.
  9.  Canada receives millions of letters from hopeful children around the world, listed for Santa Claus. Each letter receives a response from Mrs Santa Claus. Canada has claimed the address: Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0 and Canada’s government has declared Santa a Canadian citizen.
  10.  Hawaiian pizza was actually created by a Canadian, from Ontario: Sam Panopoulos. He said he was inspired by Chinese food, where sweet and savoury flavours are combined.
  11.  Although their American neighbours have their own spelling for English words, Canadians spell the majority of their words, the British English way.
  12.  Queen Elizabeth II is Canada’s official head of state. This is due to Canada being part of the commonwealth. The Commonwealth of Nations is a group made up of former British colonies and the Queen is the head of this group.
  13.  Canadians have invented: the snowmobile, insulin, kitchen cookers, and the IMAX film system.
  14.  Canada has the second largest oil reserves in the world, after Saudi Arabia.
  15.  Canada is often considered to be one of the most educated countries in the world, with 42% of its population being degree-educated.

Canada is a large country with a diverse terrain that stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Here are some interesting facts about Canadian geography:

  1.  Canada is the world’s second-largest country, with an area of around 9.98 million square kilometers (3.85 million square miles).
  2.  The Rocky Mountains, which extend through western Canada, are part of the North American Cordillera and home to some of the most spectacular national parks in the world.
  3.  Many of Canada’s mineral riches, such as potash, aluminum, nickel, salt, sulphur and uranium, are found in the Canadian Shield.
  4.  Many rare creatures live in the Canadian Arctic, including polar bears, Arctic foxes, and narwhals.
  5.  One of the world’s most famous natural wonders is Niagara Falls, which is located on the border between Canada and the United States.

Canada is comprised of ten provinces and three territories, each unique with diverse landscapes, culture, and history. Here are some interesting facts about Canadian provinces:

  1.  Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada, extending for 224 km, with a width ranging from 4 to 60 km.
  2.  Yukon is home to the Yukon River Quest, the world’s longest annual canoe and kayak race.
  3.  Ontario holds the largest naturally frozen ice rink, the Rideau Canal Skateway.
  4.  Newfoundland has its own distinct language.
  5.  Ontario is home to one of the world’s longest-running film festivals, the Toronto International Film Festival, which began in 1976.

Canada is also known to have diverse climates and extreme weather. Here, we’ll show you some interesting trivia about Canadian weather:

  1.  One of the coldest temperatures recorded in Canada was -62.8°C in Snag, Yukon, making it one of the coldest inhabited places on Earth.
  2.  Due to its enormous size, Canada has a wide range of climates, with the southern border experiencing warmer weather and the northern half being significantly colder. Summer lasts less than two months.
  3.  It is rare to have the same season in the same place at the same time. The Arctic may still be in the grip of a harsh winter in early April, while the south may have summer-like temperatures.
  4.  The Grand Banks off the coast of Newfoundland are known as the world’s foggiest place. The area has 40% fog cover in the winter and up to 84% fog cover in the summer.
  5.  Saskatoon and Regina tied as the coldest city in Canada at —50ºC on February 1, 1893 and January 1, 1885, respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is Canada known for?
    Canada is renowned for a variety of distinctive features that contribute to its global reputation. This includes the country’s diversity, rich wildlife, beautiful natural surroundings, high quality of life, and more.
  • What are some unique Canadian animals?
    Some distinctive animals that can be found in Canada include moose, beavers, puffins, polar bears, beluga whales, caribous, and many more.
  • What are some interesting Canadian inventions?
    Some unique Canadian inventions include the paint roller, the pacemaker, the garbage bag, IMAX, basketball, and more.

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