8 Benefits of picking up English for academic purposes

English has often been dubbed as the ‘language of opportunity.’ Rightly termed so, learning the language can provide a host of personal and professional opportunities throughout your life.

Naturally, there are scores of English language learning classes in practically every country catering to different kinds of language needs. While some seek to learn enough English to visit an English-speaking country, international students often look towards improving their English in order to advance their careers.

Many universities offer specifically designed language programs called English for Academic Purposes for these students to help them get into foreign colleges. Let’s dive into what a EAP program can entail and why you should pursue it.

What is English for academic purposes?

The meaning of the term English for Academic Purposes is as simple as it sounds. Most EAP programs are academic English language tutorial classes designed for non-native English speakers or those who find the language difficult to comprehend.

EAP programs are especially popular in countries like Canada, where English is the language of instruction for higher education. Pursuing an EAP course can help you develop your proficiency in the English language so that you can ace your university classes — and beyond.

Are there any upsides to learn English for Academic Purposes?

Yes! Being proficient in English can dramatically improve your academic and career prospects, especially in English-speaking countries. Here are a few other reasons why pursuing an academic English program can make a difference, especially as a student:

  1. English is widely used around the world: English is spoken in the maximum number of countries as compared to any other language. This means that learning it will provide you with the best return for your time and effort.
  2. Learning the language can open up potential networking opportunities: Learning English can allow you to communicate clearly with countless people across the globe. This can generate a lot of networking and interaction opportunities that can boost your career.
  3. Being proficient in more than one language can have immense career prospects: Your proficiency in your native language might be enough to support your career in your home country. However, becoming bilingual can make your resume impressive. Fluency in a complex second language like English can demonstrate your willingness and commitment to master new skills for your career.
  4. English comprehension is a necessary skill in the business world: English is often known as the ‘language of business’ since it is the most widely spoken language in the business world. Being proficient in the language can allow you to attend business meetings, interact with English-speaking clients and market your company’s products in new countries.
  5. You can be eligible to apply to the best universities around the globe: Most reputed international universities use English as the medium of instruction. Therefore, they require a ‘proof of language proficiency’ as part of their eligibility criteria. Pursuing English for Academic Purposes or EAP can help with your eligibility when you choose to apply to international universities.
  6. Proficiency in English allows you to explore rich and varied types of literature: Some of the world’s most renowned authors and Nobel Laureates have published their work in English. Being familiar with the language can allow you to explore vast English literature that have spanned across centuries.
  7. Proficiency in the language allows you to stay relevant with pop culture: Are you tired of keeping up with fast-paced subtitles of Hollywood movies and pop culture shows? Completing an English for Academic Purposes program can also allow you to connect with trending pop culture and English movies!
  8. English is one of the widely used languages in the scientific domain: Proficiency in the English language is critical in the field of STEM — science, technology, engineering — even math. Knowledge of the language can help you tap into some of the world’s most intellectual resources.

If you envision a successful career in a developed country like Canada or the US, where English is predominant, it is essential that you are fluent in English as an academic language. An EAP program allows you to pick up the intricacies of the language and boost your confidence levels.

What can the EAP program at TSoM offer you?

If you are searching for the right EAP program, you can check out the one offered by the Toronto School of Management. This program integrates all aspects of the language like reading, listening and writing with a strong academic focus and is taught by instructors certified by Languages Canada.

A champion of education for all, what makes the EAP program at TSoM unique is that the institution also accepts intermediate students. This can be advantageous to intermediate students, as they will be exposed to a college environment. Taking the EAP here at TSoM can give them the right level of confidence, not only in their communication skills, but also in themselves as their first-hand experience with college-level instructions help them prepare for the next chapters of their academic journey. TSoM guarantees a fair treatment to all EAP students, regardless of year level.

The program can help you excel academically by improving your communication and critical thinking skills. The program has been divided into six levels depending upon your previous proficiency and comprehension levels. You can be placed in any of the six levels after a placement test.

The best part of the EAP program at TSoM is that it offers you a direct pathway for its other diploma programs without having to sit for IELTS or TOEFL. A great result in your EAP can also get you access to tuition reductions or scholarships.

Click here to enroll in the EAP program at TSoM today!

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