5 job profiles that have changed through pandemic

As a working professional or even a student, you’re constantly making choices that will impact your career. Changes are unprecedented and to be prepared for them, you should always be working to expand your skillset. The business world is thriving due to technological advancements. As such, new job profiles are on the rise.

Additionally, existing job roles are changing with many having to take on new responsibilities to meet the demands of the current climate. For instance, marketing was once restricted to billboards and print materials. However, with increasing digitalisation and more people staying home as a result of the pandemic, the sector has had to reconsider its tactics.

Digital marketing

Marketing is an excellent industry for those with a creative side. To be successful in the field, you’ll need to constantly be on the lookout for interesting ways to market your client’s product or services. Marketing campaigns presented on digital platforms are highly interactive and can reach a global audience. In order to survive, digital marketeers have had to consider new and innovative ways to keep people engaged with their brands during the pandemic, particularly when they might not be looking to buy or invest in new products.

Marketing manager

For a business to survive in the long-term, it has to build a brand image, a task in which a marketing manager plays an essential role. A good brand image helps with product promotion and building customer interest and interaction. The role covers many responsibilities that require essential training such as a diploma in business management. In this ‘new normal’, marketing managers have to integrate current social situations with modern marketing methods to help brands carve out a new image.

Cybersecurity analyst

Cybersecurity currently plays an important role in the business community. Safeguarding data from cyber threats is all the more crucial when remote working. The job role of a cybersecurity analyst involves monitoring all unauthorised and illegal cyber activity, checking security products and staying updated with recent technological developments. It is among the best job profiles to pursue currently and promises a lot of growth and learning in the long run.

Data scientist

Those seeking strong job goals post pandemic should look into the profile of a data scientist. The job requires you to add value to your company by synthesising large volumes of data. Given the spike in online activities data scientists are needed to understand consumer trends and behaviour. The sector is continuously growing so you can expect an exciting career.

Financial accountant

The domain of finance has remained steady despite current market fluctuations. The business landscape is undergoing a transformation as a result of the pandemic which will impact a company’s financial dealings. Companies will employ a financial accountant to manage its accounting and financial activities. To enjoy global opportunities in this field you can pursue a program like ACCA that is recognised in many nations.

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